Bellamy Road Community Shop


The Bellamy Road Estate is one of the most deprived areas of Mansfield and many of its residents are unemployed. The Bellamy Road Community Shop was opened in September 2011 to provide residents with affordable goods and to encourage a sense of community.

How did the Community Fund help?

The Community Fund provided £200 to allow the shop to purchase new clothes rails for their stock.

Tina Barnes, who volunteers on the project, said: "The Bellamy Road Community Shop has become a haven for people living on this estate. The shop also helps and supports migrants from other parts of England with ten to thirty people using the shop each day.

"At present there is a voluntary manager in post who organises the running of the shop each week. A small management group oversee major decisions through the auspices of the Mansfield Churches Together. The grant from the University of Derby will allow us to buy a new set of stock rails for outside use."