Civic Community Funding

Find out about our new funding grant, why we have created this opportunity and how to apply.

We are delighted to be a civic University and proud of the positive impact we are making across the city and county. We are also thankful for all of the support we receive from stakeholders, partners and the signatories of the Civic University Agreement, who are all working hard to make Derby and Derbyshire the best places to live, work and study.

As a civic institution, we are committed to playing its part in the city and county’s ongoing prosperity and well-being, supporting local communities and the people within them. 

The University launched its Civic University Agreement in Summer 2022, this set out our civic ambitions and how it intends to work with key stakeholders from across Derby and Derbyshire to achieve them. 

We have five civic goals: 

  1. Securing our future 
  2. Driving ambition to bring positive change 
  3. Making a positive environmental impact 
  4. Supporting health and wellbeing
  5. Investing in culture as a driver for change 

What are we looking for?  

We are seeking applications from local groups, organisations and individuals who want a partnership with the University, and to gain seed funding to help bring their ideas to life.  

Successful applications will be able to demonstrate a close alignment with the University’s Civic agreement and its goals.  

We are looking for brilliant projects that will bring impact to the local area and community.  

Eligibility checks

You need to be a registered organisation or individual from Derbyshire / Derby. 

Supporting you with your application  

To help you with your application, we have a range of examples of successful projects available for you to look at.  

Explore projects we've supported

In addition to this, we have a dedicated site where you can find out about the work we do in the civic realm.  

Find out more about the CivicHUB

How to apply

The latest round of Community Fund applications has now closed. The next round will be announced in due course.

Additional information

The University continues to support local groups, organisations and good causes, by providing sponsorship, in-kind support and expertise.  

We have a dedicated CivicLAB which runs a year-round series of public talks, workshops, projects and hosts an annual civic conference.  

Find out more about the CivicLAB

If you would like to contact the Civic Team you can email us at