Why take a Marketing placement year? video transcript

My name is Benas I study Marketing  PR and Advertising at University of Derby and  
I'm currently on my Marketing placement here. So my  placement here is at Think3, a marketing agency.  

The main thing I focus on is content marketing, I've also had the chance to experience quite a bit of social media management and I've got some  training on paid advertising. I think since most of my placement here has been focused on content marketing the skill that I've improved on the most is copywriting, additionally to that I've learned quite a bit of SEO as in search engine  
optimization, considering that it's very tightly  related to written content and on top of that I've done quite a bit of social media copywriting  and work on WordPress.

I've had a University mentor, he's been checking in with me quite regularly  to see if I'm being treated right and if I'm doing okay and if I need any support with whatever comes up. I think my placement has helped me figure out what I want to do after graduating quite a  bit considering I have agency experience, which led me to be exposed to quite a few different  Industries in marketing and I think I have a much clearer path of what are my own expectations and what I can actually achieve.

Yeah we've really benefited from having Benas here with us, you know we're a small marketing team and he picks up a lot of the tasks for us, we are  able to discuss ideas between us, bounce off each other that sort of thing. I think placements are great because for people like Benas who's doing a marketing degree, you know all aspects of marketing, it really gives him the opportunity to have a look at aspects he does like, aspects he doesn't like, build on them.

I think it also gives them the confidence of actual work based skills, I remember when Benas first started here and he said how do I respond to this email and for us we really forgot like oh God the very basics when you first start work, you know, and he's coming on leaps and bounds and it's fantastic to watch.

Placements are fantastic for students to get confidence and I think also that placements are great for us as well because we see things from a different perspective, it brings creative ideas along, keeps us motivated, so I think  placements are fantastic.

I think any student should do a placement here considering how much  it helps to put theory into practice as well as improve your employability, especially going for  graduate jobs after finishing your degree. [Music]

Why take a Marketing placement year? video

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