Repaying loans

You won't start repaying your student loans for fees and living costs until you've finished studying and you're earning over £25,000 a year.

If your income falls below £25,000, your repayments stop until you're earning over £25,000 again. After 30 years from the date you become eligible to pay, any outstanding loans will be written off, provided you are not in arrears. Interest is charged from when you first receive the loan and is linked to the rate of inflation.

Repayments are based on income:

Income each yearMonthly repayment
Up to £25,000 £0
£30,000 £37
£35,000 £75
£40,000 £112
£45,000 £150
£50,000 £187

Monthly repayments work out at 9% of how much your monthly income is over the monthly threshold income of £2,083.

Repayment calculator has designed a calculator to enable you to change variables such as tuition fee level, maintenance loan level and likely starting salary, and get an idea of what you'll pay back and for how long.