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Markeaton Street

A group of smiling students wave goodbye to eachother, before one student walks towards the Markeaton Street building.


[Student developing photographs]

Photography darkrooms host film and paper processing for both black and white and colour.

[Students working in the darkroom]

Use professional editing software and hardware to produce industry-ready work.

[Students using Adobe software to edit a photograph]

Book our superb range of professional quality equipment free of charge at the Media loan hub.

[Student checking out equipment in the Media Loan Hub]

Collaborate with students from other courses on photo-shoots in the studio and on location.

[Students in a photography studio taking photographs of a person]

Student life

A student is texting as they walk down a path next to a canal.

Text messages:

Students meet up in a communal living kitchen in a hall of residence. They play cards at a table.

They play pool in a common room.

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