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Our College Student Centres are here to support your studies by answering your questions and providing you with information. Your College Student Centre can support you with various aspects of university life related to your study.

*Please note that all links to UDo will require you to sign in to your UDo account. 

At the College Student Centre, we can provide you with various letters, such as letters to prove your student status, bank letters and council tax exemption letters.

If you are a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student, you should be able to access a student confirmation letter yourself from the student documents tile on UDo from October.

In order to be able to access this letter, you must be fully enrolled and confirmed as a student. You'll need to be on a desktop to bring up the document as you won't be able to do this from a phone or tablet app. 

If you need further support, or for other letters, please contact your College Student Centre.

If your studies have been affected by personal circumstances or extremely affected by events which limited your ability to submit or attend assessments like presentations, examinations, and submit coursework on time you can apply for a Request for Additional Consideration (RAC). The College Student Centre can help you apply for these, or by following the steps on UDo where you can also find more information.

You can change and update your details by contacting your College Student Centre. Whether it is a name change, change of address or phone number, it is important your details are kept up to date. 

If you are thinking of changing a module on your course, you need to first check this change with your Programme Tutor. If they agree to the module change, you can contact your College Student Centre to process these changes. 

To try and help you 'keep on track' with your studies we have a process for monitoring your attendance. The College Student Centre will review your attendance so that we can see if you seem to be having problems getting to timetabled taught sessions.

If we are concerned about this, you may get an email, text or a phone call to ask you if everything is alright and to offer help and advice if you need it.

To help you keep track of your attendance we have a new system called MyAttendance.

MyAttendance will allow you to view your attendance for your timetabled taught sessions (lectures and tutorials) for each module. You can log, update, and review previous absences. You’ll no longer need to email the Attendance Team if you miss a session.

If you need any support with the MyAttendance system please contact your College Student Centre.

For more information and to access MyAttendance, you can search on UDo.

Contact your College Student Centre

You can call, email or visit your College Student Centre on site.

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