Just Move

Just Move is our Challenges-based program that provides digital activity and fitness challenges to take part in as means to motivate and support you to start or continue an active lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for something different to help you stay active, Just Move offers fun and engaging digital challenges for you to participate in.

Challenges are wide-ranging - from simple walking and running challenges to events-based or general fitness activity challenges - so you can get moving whatever your fitness or ability level. There are two forms of challenges to support accessibility:

Just Move is completely free – simply go to Google Play or Apple App Store and search for the UoD Active app and join our Just Move community to get started. 



Here are some of the ways Just Move can help you get active

Take part in one of our University Get Active Events – digitally. If you’re on placement, studying online, commuting, or working from home, you can still take part in our Get Active events through Just Move 

Halls Sport - Students living in Halls of Residence can take part in our series of Halls Sport challenges on Just Move – one-off, easy to do, friendly, digitized activities - to find out which Hall is the most active. 

Make it Yours - Why not something new with a group of friends, course mates, or colleagues and set-up a personalized Just Move activity challenge for your group? We can create the ideal activity challenge on our app.

In a US Society or Club? Why not pep-up your social events or RAG fundraisers? We can set up a digital Just Move Group challenge for you and your members on Just Move.

Get jogging with Couch to 5k. Our Just Move Couch to 5k program provides progressive, walk-jog-run challenges for you to complete every week for 6-weeks to help you get off the couch and start running. A great way to get 'event ready' for the UoD Santa Run in December.

Just Move for Fun. Look out for our one-off Just Move for Fun 'bonus' challenges where you can have the chance to earn - or win - a small gift or prize for completing the challenge. (Please note: entry criteria may apply to these challenges).

If you'd like to speak to one of the team, or have any questions about Just Move or the UoD Active app  please email us at teamderby@derby.ac.uk.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together the following questions and answers to provide you with additional information on Just Move

No - the UoD Active app is completely free for students and staff at Derby. Download the UoD Active app from the App Store or Google Play and join the Just Move community to get started

Just Move offers a choice of both tracker-based and evidence-based challenges.

For tracker challenges, you will need a wearable device (e.g. Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit) to collect - or "track" - your activity data.

Evidence-based challenges only require you to enter a challenge result and upload a supporting photo or video as proof of taking part.

The tracker-based challenges integrate with a range of popular smartphones, fitness apps, and wearables so everyone can get involved in different types of challenges:

  • Smartphones – Apple (iOS) and Google (Android)
  • Fitness apps and wearables – Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and Strava

When you join a tracker-based challenge you’ll need to connect a suitable tracker device to record your activity. Once connected your activity data will automatically be collected and loaded into your challenges.

(You'll need to check you are recording the correct data so that it will be synced to the challenge - e.g. If you are recording walking distance, the data won't sync in a step-count challenge) 

Find out about how your tracker works.

Follow these simple steps to link your fitness app to the challenge you want to participate in.

  1. Select your Challenge
  2. Enter any information requested
  3. Select a compatible tracker from the list and 'Connect'
  4. Sign in to your fitness app to link and grant access
  5. Set your data collection to ‘Workout’ if required (cycling, running, walking, swimming challenges). You can see what data collection applies to the fitness tracker you are using
  6. Take part and check your progress

Yes you can, but we suggest that you enter and complete one challenge at a time rather than setting yourself too many targets all at once.

You can browse all live and upcoming challenges on the app. On your device, tap the Just Move tab to see what's available.
We also post notifications on the app news feed and Twitter when there are new UoD Active challenges, events, competitions and activities available.

Well done! Once the challenge has finished we will email all eligible participants with details on how to claim their reward/gift.

There is lots of helpful information on the Playwaze app Knowledge Base.

The new app will only sync relevant activity data when you join a tracker based challenge and connect your tracker or wearable for that challenge. Just Move doesn't sync activity data on a daily basis like Derby Moves.

Activity data is collected in 2 ways:

  • Daily – where activities are recorded daily. The data sync runs overnight and collects daily totals for the previous day.
  • Workouts – where activities have a specific start and end time. Data either syncs overnight or automatically as you finish the workout.

Please ensure you are recording the correct data for each challenge you enter, and that you "start" your workout on your device if required.  E.g. If you are using Garmin, Fitbit, Apple health and Strava to take part in a running challenge, you will need to 'start' your workout on device for data to sync.

And remember - the app only syncs your activity data for live Challenges.

Here's how the app works with trackers:

Apple Health – Opening your Playwaze app triggers data synchronisation.
Daily: Steps, Floors, Activity Time, Wheelchair distance
Workouts: Cycling, Running, Walking, Swimming

Garmin - Workout data is automatically synced when you submit your workout on your device.
Daily: Steps, Floors, Activity Time
Workouts: Cycling, Running, Walking, Swimming

Fitbit - Workout data is collected daily.
Daily: Steps, Floors, Activity Time
Workouts: Cycling, Running, Walking, Swimming

Strava - Workout data syncs automatically when you submit your workout on your device. Does not sync daily activity.
Workouts: Cycling, Running, Walking, Swimming

Google Fit - Workout data is collected daily.
Daily: Steps, Floors, Activity Time
Workouts: Cycling, Running, Walking, Swimming, Wheelchair distance

Firstly, please check out these knowledge-base articles which may help you identify the problem; 

Fitness Tracker Support 

How your tracker works

If your data is still missing when you take part in a challenge, please complete the Tracker Issue Submission Form so the Playwaze support team can investigate why your data isn't pulling through.


For help connecting Google Fit so you can collect the relevant activity data for your Challenge please visit Playwaze.

If you have any further questions about the UoD Active app or Just Move, please contact us by email at teamderby@derby.ac.uk.