Student Visas

If you wish to study a full-time course for more than six months you will need a student visa. Please read the information on this webpage to familiarise yourself with student visa rules and regulations. It is also recommended that you have the latest version of the student visa policy guidance available.

The application form that you will complete and the documents you submit will depend on where you are applying from and whether or not you have already started your course of study. Please use the links below for information on the documents you are required to submit with your student visa application, the forms that need to be completed and what happens after a decision has been made on your application.

Before you can apply for your student visa you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). A CAS is a virtual document issued by a university willing to sponsor you to study in the UK. Once a CAS has been issued, you will be given a supporting letter that contains your CAS number. The CAS number needs to be included in your application form.

Please note that if you are in the UK you must have a valid visa to be given a CAS. A CAS will not be issued if you are in the UK without a valid visa.

What information does a CAS have?

A CAS contains details of the course you are studying and your personal details, such as your name, date of birth and passport number. Please make sure you give us the correct details (such as your full name as listed in your passport) when you apply for your course so that the CAS will contain all the correct information. You must contact us as soon as possible if you spot any mistakes on the CAS.

How do I get a CAS?

New students or existing students needing a CAS to study a new course must pay at least £5,000 of the first-year course fees before they can be issued with a CAS. Instructions on how to do this and how much needs to be paid will be provided in your offer letter. You will also need an unconditional offer for your course of study.

What information do I need to provide to get a CAS?

The University will take into consideration a number of criteria to ensure that you meet the student visa rules before issuing you with a CAS. This may include checking that you meet the requirements with regards to Maintenance (funds)English language ability, Academic Progression and ATAS. You may also be asked to explain why you want to study a particular course if you have already studied at that level in the UK with a previous student visa. For example, you have already studied a Master's course and now want to study another Master's. If necessary, we may have to request an immigration history check from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Who will issue my CAS?

If you are a new student or progressing onto a new course, your CAS will be issued by International Admissions (email If you are a current student and need a new visa to continue studying on the same course, your CAS will be issued by the Immigration Advisor (email

How long is a CAS valid for?

A CAS is valid for only six months and must be used in an application within that time. A CAS is valid for use by the institution that issued it. If you have a CAS from another institution but wish to study at the University of Derby, you will need a new CAS.

What happens if my visa is refused? Can I get another CAS?

A CAS can only be used once in a visa application. If you apply using one CAS number and that application is refused, you cannot use the same CAS number again when making another application. You will need to contact the person who issued your CAS and provide them with a copy of your refusal letter. Please note that at this time, we will only issue you with one CAS, so it is very important that you make sure everything in your application is correct to avoid your visa being refused.

Can I get a refund of my deposit if my visa is refused?

Please complete our form if you wish to request a refund. All refunds must be requested within 14 days of making the payment, or within 14 days of notification of a change of status to your application. Deposits are not guaranteed. Please refer to our policy for all refund information (such as not meeting all your offer conditions, CAS or Visa refusal). An administration charge may apply.

Guidance for applicants from India using a bank loan letter as proof of maintenance

If you are an Indian applicant who will use a student loan letter from an Indian bank, please note that the letter must be a signed and verifiable agreement. The only condition the bank attaches to the loan is your receipt of a student visa from UKVI.

The agreement must confirm the funds can be available to you prior to your travelling to the UK. Please note that any other conditions are not acceptable. The letter must clearly state that the loan has been sanctioned.

You will still be required to pay the £8,000 deposit prior to the issuance of a CAS.