Academic Progression

Students on Student visa must show that their course represents progression from any previous course they have studied in the UK. For example, if you have completed a bachelors degree (NQF level 6) you should then progress to a masters degree (NQF level 7).

Does this affect me?

Academic progression applies to those who are applying for a Student visa in the UK and have previously studied on Student visa that was in place before 31 March 2009. If you have a Student (Child) visa or applying from outside of the UK then you will be exempt from showing academic progression.

Can I study again at the same level?

It is possible to study again at the same level, however this will need to be justified. You will need to explain in your course application either: 

Your explanation for same level study will be considered by the admissions team and included in your CAS if approved. You can only study again at the same level for degree level courses (bachelors, masters etc).

Can I study at a lower level?

No, you cannot study at a lower level than what you have already studied. For example, if you have already studied at masters level and wish to study a bachelors degree this will not be possible under Student visa.

What if I don’t meet academic progression requirements?

Academic progression applies to Student visa applications submitted within the UK. This means that you will not be subject to the requirements if you are making an application from your home country. However UKVI may still look at your application with additional detail and require you to attend a . We may not be able to offer you a place if we feel that your application may be refused on these grounds.