If your visa has been refused

Receiving a visa refusal can be very stressful and upsetting. It is very important that you read all necessary information and take great care when completing your application and preparing your documents to ensure that your visa is approved the first time.

If your visa is refused you must email the refusal letter to visa@derby.ac.uk so that we can advise you further.

Why would my visa be refused?

The most common reasons for visa refusals are related to the Maintenance requirement, specifically with students not having the required level of funds or providing documents in the correct format. Visas can also be refused for not meeting other Student visa criteria, such as Academic Progression or not providing original documents. Please read the information on these webpages to ensure that your visa has the best chance of being approved and contact our Immigration Advisor on visa@derby.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Can I still come to study or remain in the UK?

This depends on the reasons for the refusal. If it is something that will result in another visa refusal then you may not be able to come and study at Derby. If you are already in the UK and your previous visa has already expired then you may have to return home. Your options will be discussed with an advisor.

Will my visa fee be refunded?

No, the fee you have paid for your visa application is for it to be processed and a decision to be made, regardless of the decision itself. You will however be refunded the fee for the Immigration Health Surcharge if applicable.

Can I appeal against the decision?

In most cases you will be given the right to an administrative review. This is where you believe the decision to refuse your application was incorrect and you request that UKVI look at the application again. You will be given instructions in your decision letter on how to apply for an administrative review.

What happens to my offer or course?

We will take each situation on a case by case basis. Depending on the reasons for your visa refusal and your circumstances, your offer may be withdrawn or if you are already studying with us, you may be withdrawn from the course. This can be discussed in detail if the situation were to arise.

Applied outside of the UK – you must complete the administrative review form included with your decision letter and post it to the address on the letter within 28 days of receiving your refusal notice. There is no fee for this service.

Applied inside the UK – you need to complete an online form within 14 days of receiving your refusal notice. This will cost £80 but this will be refunded if the decision to refuse your application is overturned.

Please discuss your options with an advisor at Derby before you decide what to do. 

How long will a review taken to process?

You should receive an answer within 28 days.