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Here you will find useful information you may use to gain your Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS).

Professional Formation

To gain recognition of your professional status following completion of your PGCE Post 14 Education and Training Programme or Certificate in Education FE and Skills, you may wish to gain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS).  This is conferred by the Education and Training Foundation and is awarded through the successful completion of a process of Professional Formation. Professional formation is a process that enables you to demonstrate the effective use of skills and knowledge in your professional practice that is required to achieve QTLS.  To apply for QTLS, you will need to be a member of the Education and Training Foundation, for which there is an annual subscription fee.

What are the benefits of gaining QTLS status?

More than 15,000 teachers in the sector have achieved QTLS status since its introduction in 2008:

  • QTLS status is recognised in law as equal to QTS for teaching in schools
  • Career progression: QTLS status demonstrates your commitment, skills and knowledge to employers
  • Recognition of your status as a professional teacher or trainer
  • Valuable continuing professional development (CPD) that builds confidence and enhances your skills
  • Members with can use these initials as a designation.


To apply for QTLS, you need an initial teacher training qualification at, at least, Level 5.  Our PGCE Post 14 Education and Training qualification is at level 7 and our Certificate of Education FE and Skills is at level 5.  Therefore, all successful completers of our programmes are eligible to apply for QTLS.

If you are applying for QTLS you are also required to demonstrate numeracy and literacy qualifications at (or above) Level 2.

Costs and commitments

The cost of undertaking professional formation leading to QTLS is £485. You can pay this in two instalments of £100 and £385.

The professional formation process requires you to complete an online workbook in REfLECT+. The time taken to complete this process and achieve QTLS status will be determined by your individual circumstances. For example, level of experience or work commitments. Therefore, the Education and Training Foundation has taken a flexible approach to professional formation with a number of application windows open each year.

For further details visit www.et-foundation.co.uk

Former Trainee PDP

Former Trainee PDP 15


Also available are a number of resources to download which were shared with you during your programme of initial teacher education.  These aim to provide further details about the process of professional formation and there are a number of activities and resources to help you start gathering evidence for your electronic portfolio.

Professional Formation presentation

SWOT analysis

Exemplar Professional Formation Application

Professional Standards