Bradley Jacklin, BEd - What our students say - University of Derby

Bradley Jacklin

"My highlights from being on the course for two years, has been the attitude of all the teaching staff on the course as their interest and enthusiasm has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a trainee teacher. Also the two placements that I have undertaken have opened my eyes to the challenges and extreme highs of the profession that I intend to enter."


 What inspired Bradley to become a teacher? 

Throughout my life I have always been inspired by my teachers who have always encouraged me to do everything to my full potential. My main inspiration came from my primary school teacher Mr Webster who gave me confidence to get involved in all areas of the curriculum and a number of extra-curricular activities. I believe that these experiences have shaped the person I am today and I would like to be a role model to children just like he and all my other teachers have been to me.

What influenced Bradley's decision to come to Derby?

On completion of my A levels I began to research and enquire at a number of different universities however only a select few provided the BEd course. This course provided opportunities to study education in depth over four years while gaining the relevant teaching experience to help me succeed in the profession. I attended three interviews at three universities, derby being one of them and there was a distinct impression that Derby provided an enthusiastic and welcoming environment. As soon as I listened to the welcome talk at Derby, I knew that this was the course and university for me.

What difficulties/ challenges did Bradley face? 

Coming to university was extremely daunting for me as I live in Lincolnshire, about two hours away from Derby so I was leaving all my friends and family behind which was all part of the university experience. Even the simplest thing like the pedestrian crossing caused a problem for me as they seemed alien to me! However, I managed to overcome these difficulties along with cooking and cleaning through the help of my new friends, allowing me to start living the student life.

What support and opportunities did Bradley receive on the course?

The course provided challenges in the first year due to the step up in academic writing. However, my attitude allowed me to overcome this challenge and succeed. Also with the help of my professional tutor in both years I have been able to progress academically and develop professionally as well.  The support from the university through the ULT’s has allowed me to make independent progress and create targets that are personal to me to inform my development as a teacher. Finally the two years of 'charity week' have been an amazing experience as it is something completely different to anything else that happens on the course. These weeks have given me opportunities to develop further as a person in terms of my teamwork but also have allowed me to give something to Barnados and the course through taking part in an all day flash mob dance in Derby, going on a half a marathon walk to Ashbourne and dressing up in various animal onesies at entertainment nights.

What is Bradley doing now?

As I am now going into my third year of the four year course I am excited about what new challenges and experiences are ahead of me. So far on the course, I have centred my personal interest around teaching which I believe is about making children want to learn and facilitating their learning by supporting them on their own education journey. Therefore, teachers have a lot of responsibilities and need to be able to ensure that children develop into respectable young adults. I believe I am capable of fulfilling the role of a practitioner and face the challenges of the profession.