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What our students say

Rebecca Swain What mainly attracts me to the course was the fact that it’s got such an outstanding reputation, through Ofsted as well, so I knew it would be a really good place to train.

Jess Homer, Bachelor of Education

"One of the best elements of my course is the opportunity for teaching practice every year, in different year groups and key stages. There has also been the opportunity to work in a Special Needs school. It has prepared me for what life is like as a teacher, and provided me with many skills for my future teaching career. The tutors on my course are very supportive, and are always there to help and support you. I would definitely recommend the University of Derby to people looking at studying for any degree - it's a lively, exciting place to be, and a place where you can become the person you want to be."

Bachelor of Education

Aamar Arshid, Bachelor of Education

"I believe I have gained so much from the BEd course. I have grown as an individual and I have become a lot more confident. For example, 3 years ago I do not think I would be able to stand in front of a class and teach them various subjects across the National Curriculum, and now I cannot wait to get into a class and think of creative ways of teaching the children and making a difference. It is so rewarding to see the children enjoy the lessons that came together after a lot of thinking and planning. One memory that will be with me for the rest of my life is when a child wrote on my leavers card - Mr Arshid you are like sunshine on a rainy day."

Bachelor of Education

Andy Cox, Bachelor of Education graduate

Andy is a recent graduate who gave up a life long profession in welding to become a teacher after he attended his young daughter's 'bring a parent to school day'. "As I left school at the age of 16 to became a welder I had few formal qualifications, so my decision to re-enter education to become a teacher was met with a lukewarm reaction at best by lots of people. I was told that I would lose certain benefits, could get into debt, that it would take me many years and that teaching could be beyond me. But despite coming up against a lot of negativity and opposition I was still determined to teach, so I approached the University of Derby who I knew had a fantastic reputation for teaching programme."

Bachelor of Education

Jo Stringer, PGCE Primary graduate

"I felt nervous about giving up my job of the last seven years, but I needed a new challenge. This course certainly provides that. It is hard work but ultimately, very rewarding."

PGCE Primary with Qualified Teacher Status

Farhana Aziz, Bachelor of Education

BEd Case Study picture

"I looked into the routes available to me and found that I could complete an Access course and then apply for the  Bachelor of Education (Hons) at the University of Derby. The BEd has completely changed my life. I am confident  that with the knowledge and experience I have gained, alongside my enthusiastic nature, I will be ready to enter  the classroom to make a difference to the pupils that I teach."

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Craig Wood, Bachelor of Education

BEd Case Study Picture

"After visiting various universities I attended an open day at Derby and immediately knew this was the place for me. It was the passion and enthusiasm of the staff, the feeling of welcome as soon as I walked into the atrium and the makeup of our course that swung it for me. The more time I spent in the classroom, coupled with the encouragement from teachers within the school and the support of my family, I knew this was something I was meant to do." 

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Samantha Tomlinson, Bachelor of Education


"When my interview came around I was made to feel incredibly at ease and welcome, the other people at the interview were all friendly and understanding, and it was at interview I made some life-long friends, one of whom I live with now. The interview process was fair, and offered equal opportunity for people to show why they should be on the course, it also inspired me further to get the required grades as it confirmed I wanted to be at Derby University studying." 

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Jade Gilbert, Bachelor of Education

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"I can’t wait to become a teacher and I would certainly recommend this course for anyone wanting to go into the teaching profession as the course and staffs really help you develop yourself and encourage you to follow your own interests in education. I know for sure that the course has set me up for my teaching career and I can’t wait to be saying a huge thank from my very own class to all the teaching team at Derby for their help they have given me."

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Sarah Cavell, Bachelor of Education

BEd Case Study Picture

"The best thing about the first year of the BEd was that by the end of my placement I was dying to do more, I felt I could teach whole class lessons, which is something I would have never expected just 9 weeks before at the start of placement. I achieved a 'good' for my teaching placement which was fantastic for my first year, this inspired me to push harder in my second year and I was graded as 'outstanding' by the end of my second year placement."

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Rebecca Linsdell, Bachelor of Education

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"Gaining experience in the classroom was essential for my personal development and this is why I chose a BEd at the University of Derby as the course offered a variety of placements over the four years. The length of the course appealed to me as I knew that four years would allow me to develop professionally and academically and lead me on the path to my goal as a teacher."

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Victoria Kilby, Bachelor of Education

Case study picture, BEd

"I attended only four open days, Derby was my second visit – after that first day I was sure Derby would be the place for me and I in fact retracted all other applications even before my exams had been sat. The University had a friendly and welcoming feel from day one, when I was asked to attend an interview for the BEd course I was over the moon. The interview day was fantastic and made me realise even more that this was the course, and University for me."

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Samantha Brumby, Bachelor of Education

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"I visited local universities to see what courses they offered and which University was right for me and as soon as I walked through the door at Derby University, it was my first choice. I remember thinking that not only were the resources and facilities extensive but also, I immediately recognised the friendliness of the staff who were extremely supportive from the offset."

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Bachelor of Education

Bradley Jacklin, Bachelor of Education

"My highlights from being on the course for two years, has been the attitude of all the teaching staff on the course as their interest and enthusiasm has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a trainee teacher. Also the two placements that I have undertaken have opened my eyes to the challenges and extreme highs of the profession that I intend to enter."

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