Zaneta Tokarova - Postgraduate - University of Derby

Zaneta Tokarova, MSc International Business

The best thing about studying International Business at Derby

Derby has extremely supportive and helpful tutors and their personal approach to every student was the aspect I enjoyed the most. Whenever I had a problem or just wanted to speak to them I could knock on the door and they were always welcoming and made time for me.

The other students in my class were also all very nice and friendly we helped and supported each other. I also really liked the facilities at the uni – modern computer labs, a large library, study areas within the library, coffee shops and market stalls all made my time at the uni easier and comfortable.

A supportive network

The staff in the international office were always friendly and helpful as were those in the Careers Development Centre.  However the tutors on my programme were most excellent. They helped me to get through some of the more challenging times at the beginning and gave me confidence which I really missed in the first months of the programme. It was clear to see that they enjoy their job and have plenty of experience. The classes were really interesting and educational.

Helping me with my career

I am currently working for global accounting and finance company Ernst & Young in their Prague office in the Czech Republic. I am a consultant in Transaction Support so I am primarily involved in Financial Due Diligence procedures. 

I am sure that having a masters degree from the University of Derby gave me a huge advantage while applying for my current job as having qualifications from a good foreign university such as Derby is highly valued in my company.

All of the skills I gained at the uni helped me a great deal, especially for my first months here in the company. I am extremely grateful for the research skills that my tutors have highlighted as thanks to this I am able to evaluate different sources of information and write reports.

"I am sure that having a masters degree from the University of Derby gave me a huge advantage. All of the skills I gained on this course helped me a great deal"