Robert Roden - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Robert Roden

Why I chose Business at Derby

I chose to study Business Management at the University of Derby in the hope of gaining a better career and improving my future job prospects. The work was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed all of my modules. I enjoyed taking part in the discussions and projects within the modules and this participation enabled me to learn better. I learnt a great deal about myself during my time at the University of Derby.

Opportunities and facilities

Our studies were informed by industry and we worked on real, current case studies. This enabled me to understand better in a contemporary manner.

The guest lectures we attended were also very informative as to what the outside world of employment is looking for in a person and especially a graduate.

All Derby Business School lecturers gave 100% support all of the time. The classrooms were very modern and laid out for the benefit of the class discussions and group work.

Personal highlights

I received a 1st class honours degree which enabled me to go on to postgraduate studies. I am now on the MBA programme at the University of Derb, fully utilising the experience I gained during my previous employment as an HR Manager.

The course was academically challenging but the rewards are great. You meet new and exciting class mates and we can feed off each other’s experience during discussions. I was focusing on the qualification at first but during my time at Derby I found I was changing my thoughts. It wasn’t just about the qualification anymore but the journey I was undertaking.

My recommendation

I would certainly recommend a degree at Derby as the modules have current issues and problems to discuss which can easily be applied to future work. I loved the journey and my time at the University of Derby during my undergraduate studies so much that I am now undertaking the MBA.

Any degree, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, can only enhance future career prospects as well as giving the student something much more relevant to bring to new employers. If you have a passion for what you have learnt it will become apparent and new employers can only benefit from that.