Manisa Patel - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Manisa Patel

“I would recommend studying a masters at Derby because of the amount of support from the lecturers, the choice in modules and the overall experience”
– Manisa Patel

Manisa is studying Masters in Management.

Why I chose the MA

I have always been passionate about business and I felt studying a masters would give me that advantage over other candidates in the job market. I want to learn more about the management side of business as I feel this will help me in my future career.

An interesting course

The work has been very interesting. I'm covering subjects in much more detail than I did at undergraduate level, from economics, finance, information technology and business development to strategy and marketing. One module in particular, "Sustainable Business Operations" has been particularly useful and it's helped me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. 

The residential

The residential was a great way to bond with other students from the course. The purpose of it was for students to work with new people to get given tasks and instructions, and for the group to work together and deal with problems, conflicts and discuss how to achieve success in the tasks.

A great to place to study

The lecturers are enormously supportive and friendly. I came to the University of Derby because I had heard that the support from the lecturers is outstanding and it's true! Some of my friends can't understand why I get on so well with my lecturers as they do not have the same relationship and support at their universities.

I would recommend studying a masters at Derby, because of the amount of support from the lecturers, the choice in modules and the overall experience. The knowledge and experience I have gained during my studies at Derby have been beneficial. Overall I have gained so much information, knowledge and experience which has made me confident and ready to work in the real world.