Ahmad Ilyas - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Ahmad Ilyas

“The University of Derby is the best place to enhance your skills and capabilities”
– Ahmad Ilyas

Ahmad Ilyas is from Pakistan and he's currently studying the MBA full time.

Furthering my career in advertising

I've been working as a manager in the Client Management Department of an advertising agency and during my professional career I've  worked with different multinational companies including Tetra Pak, LG, Garnier Hair Color, Nestle Water and Carrefour.

However, I wanted to enhance my skills to grow further in my career, and chose to come to England to study the MBA at the University of Derby.

I felt this course would also give me the chance to more deeply understand the multicultural aspect of business.

Gaining professional skills as well as academic knowledge is important to me

I chose the University of Derby because it focuses on giving the students professional skills plus the academic knowledge. The teachers have a professional attitude and are keen to help us improve our own practical business skills.

I have found the teaching techniques very interactive which keeps me interested in the subject.

Thriving on the pressure

The deadlines for projects and assignments are quite challenging but on the flip side, I love to work under pressure and it ultimately teaches us how to cope with it.

Helping me add value wherever I work

I want to reach the height of management. After completing the MBA I am looking forward to having a senior position where I can use my academic and professional knowledge and ultimately add value to organisation.

My message to students considering the Derby MBA

The University of Derby is the best place to enhance your skills and capabilities. They have professional teachers which give you substantial academic and professional knowledge, which is relevant to the needs of today's dynamic business environment.