S.H.E.D trailer video transcript

S.H.E.D logo

Meetings being held and plans for S.H.E.D drawn on notepads and shown on design software on computer screens.

S.H.E.D being built, with wood being sawn, bolts and screws being secured, and panels being carried.

S.H.E.D being erected in Derby Market Place and the Derby Theatre car park.

S.H.E.D at festivals: Departure Lounge, This Is Derby, Amplify Festival, InDialogue (2019).

S.H.E.D has presented work to 1,280 people.

60 workshops delivered by over 15 cultural partners.

S.H.E.D has hosted panel events, talks and public debates.

S.H.E.D outside a school surrounded by pupils and staff on the This Is Derby: Reimagined tour.

School staff and children engaged: 1,351

Children taking part in activities outside and inside S.H.E.D.

S.H.E.D has worked with over 187 artists and community groups.

S.H.E.D trailer video

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