Funding for student and graduate talent

Your business may be eligible for financial support towards the costs of employing a student or graduate, as well as free recruitment support from our Employer Engagement team.

Develop your talent pipeline

Our students and graduates have high-level skills, fresh thinking, and huge potential. By offering them work opportunities, you can bring new skills into your business, help them develop, and build your talent pipeline.

In particular, Derby students and graduates will:

Subsidies for student and graduate talent

We currently have subsidies available which could help your company with the financial costs of employing a student or graduate. These subsidies can usually be put towards permanent or temporary roles. We can also provide free recruitment support to help you find the right candidate. 

The funding comes from several sources and usually requires you to meet certain eligibility criteria, so it's easier if you contact our dedicated Business Enquiries team and they will signpost you to the relevant fund for your business.

Enquire about funding

Find out more

To find out more about the funding we currently have available and whether your business is eligible, please contact our dedicated Business Enquiries team.