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Accounting intern for Derby Museums

Derby Museums recently hosted one of our Accounting students for an internship, which was subsidised through the Driven scheme. We spoke to Mo Suleman, Finance Director for the Museums, about his experience of employing student talent.

Why did you choose to take on an intern from the University of Derby? 

"I want to support the University's students in providing real life experience to help them to develop while they are in Derby, and hopefully to help them get jobs in Derby. The University supports the museums in many ways and this is an opportunity for the museum to repay some of that support. I am currently a mentor at the University so I found out about the Driven programme through that."

What was the benefit of this internship to Derby Museums? 

"Our Accounting intern helped with a number of projects including quantifying donations and helping with gift aid. Someone straight from university can be moulded into the type of person you want, plus they can add a fresh pair of eyes on what the department does to see if there might be a different way to do things. Also, the cost of recruitment is less given the bursary that the university offers." 

What support did the Employer Engagement team provide? 

"I was provided with a very comprehensive and impressive list of CVs to interview. They did all the leg work in whittling them down to the top 3 or 4 CVs." 

Would you choose to work with the University again for student and graduate talent? If so, why? 

"Yes, definitely because it was an easy process and they provide really high calibre students." 

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Through the Derby Talent Programme your business may be eligible for financial support towards the costs of employing a student or graduate intern.

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