Performance Analysis and Coaching Science at the University of Derby video transcript

James Mitchell (Programme Leader): Performance analysis is a rapidly growing field and at the University of Derby we have a strong emphasis on applied learning and making sure that students are equipped to enter the world of work.
Chloe: The type of hands on practical we get at the University is a variety of different things, so outside we have the 4G pitch where we've done a lot of athlete testing out there and also we have access to the Performance Analysis Centre where we can do a lot of data analysis, we can do presentations. We have dual-screen iMacs where we have access to Huddle. This is a type of software where you can analyse data and analyse sporting events.
James Mitchell: So we have a really strong emphasis on employability within the programme. We're doing everything we possibly can to make sure that students have the best employment prospects and are able to pursue their dream career within performance analysis.
Oscar: A particular highlight on the course was the opportunity to work within the University Sport Teams. It really enabled me to kind of start applying what I'd learned on the course into a practical setting and build a really good foundation for me to pursue my career.
James Mitchell: They've got access to a fantastic teaching team with a diverse range of experience. We also bring in a wide host of guest lecturers from places like FIFA, Premier League, come give guest lectures and give their knowledge of the industry. Students also have an opportunity for a wide range of
placement opportunities working with leading sporting clubs. This enables them to kind of apply their learning, develop their skills, their knowledge and
essential practical skills.
Chloe: I've been able to expand my network through professional opportunities with FIFA and Derby County Football Club. At FIFA I live-coded games for the Arab Cup and this was a test event for the FIFA World Cup. At Derby County Football Club I've gained two seasons of work experience where I've filmed and analysed football games from the ages of under nine to sixteens. I've also had the opportunity to record the under-23s games at Pride Park Stadium.
James: We also equip them with additional qualifications to make sure they've got those additional courses that will help with their future employability.
Isaac: So I recommend this course because sports science is a massive part of sport nowadays and helping the team succeed if you want to be an integral
part of that, then this is the course for you.

Performance Analysis and Coaching Science at the University of Derby video

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