Sport Management graduates working at Derby County Football Club video transcript

Grace Vivian (University of Derby graduate): I had a great experience as a student at the University of Derby. I quite often talk to up-and-coming students on the Sport Management course and talk about seizing an opportunity. I think in my opinion the fact that I was given a chance to go into the real world, given a chance to work with people set me so far ahead. So I'm really really grateful for the fact that I got out there from day one.

I set out a goal when I was in sixth form that I wanted to organise sports events so I explored all the options basically and looked into a course that would suit what I wanted to do and I really enjoyed the fact that the sport management course offered a work experience.

Jack Webster (University of Derby graduate): It was the real-life industry experience - how you could apply what you've learned in only a matter of days, you could go back and really apply that theory which you were learning in the lecture theatres back to your placement times.

It's down to your timekeeping management skills, it's your communication skills, it's speaking with people - them core essential skills that you need in life is what university kind of pushes you to do those skills, and to kind of master them or to get better at them.

Ashley Peden (Head of Partnerships at Derby County Football Club): I think the opportunities you get now within the Sports Management degree are probably unprecedented. I think the people that do particularly well are the ones that really embrace those that really get involved, and they get the opportunity to get experience across the commercial world, the conference and banqueting world, marketing, events - there really the opportunity to gain some great experience.

Jack: At the minute I'm employed full-time at the Football Club as a Partnership Account Executive, so working within the commercial department and the service side of the team, so it's looking after and maintaining them relationships we've got with our partners on a commercial basis

Grace: Without the University I wouldn't be sat in this seat here. I am the Events Executive and Supporter Liaison Officer here at Derby County Football Club. It is a incredible role by the fact that I get to work with our supporters every single day. Just the fact that everything that you've planned and everything that you've thought about is being appreciated by other people, and people come every single week I'm part of that and it's so amazing to be part of so many people's lives.

When I see that, when I see people enjoying themselves, when you see supporters that you've got to know over the years, when you've helped somebody you just think yeah - that's why I love it.

Sport Management graduates working at Derby County Football Club video

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