Conditioning Coach Konrad goes from strength to strength

Konrad Polny has been offered numerous coaching opportunities since graduating from our BSc (Hons) Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation. He is now the Strength and Conditioning Coach at University College London - and at Edgware and Kingsbury Town FC.

Impressive background

Konrad is a keen footballer as well as a coach - he played for our BUCS-winning Team Derby side. But it is the knowledge, education and level of expertise he gained throughout his course that has opened up opportunities for him. 

He took the first steps in his career soon after graduation. He explains: "I started playing football for a semi-professional club. After my first season, I was to work as the first team strength and conditioning coach. The role has taught me a lot about the sport I admire, but it has also given me the opportunity to trial and test coaching ideas.”

Konrad was then offered the role at University College London.

Two football player chasing the ball

Following his passion

Konrad wanted to study Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation as he’d always been interested in coaching and helping others achieve their goals. And he chose to study at Derby after talking to our teaching team.

He says: “The course was suitable to what I wanted to do as a career, and the University had great facilities to accommodate teaching and practice. After speaking to the teaching team, it was clear to me that not only would the course suit me but the university itself was the right place to be."

“Throughout the course, I was able to expand my knowledge above the basics of helping someone get stronger. I was able to understand how the human body works in many ways but most importantly I was able to understand how to train and coach people to become better athletes, reduce the risk of injury and how to help athletes recover from injuries working within an interdisciplinary team.”

Konrad smiling at the camera holding two dumbells

Gaining experience

While studying, Konrad worked for a local gym, The Fitness Mill Derby. He believes students should take every opportunity to put what they are learning into practice. His advice is: “Stay focused and use all of the tools available. Chances will come during the three years, and everyone should consider applying for them. Go out and practise what you learn as you will only get better at it. There will be some employment opportunities during the three years. Even if they are unpaid, you should consider taking up work and practising. Work experience is vital so, if you have the option to complete any, don't hesitate to take it."

“I was lucky enough to work at such a great gym while studying. This enabled me to practise what I learned but also allowed me to offer my skills to individuals and help them with their personal goals and needs. My workplace prepared me for the real world of work.”