Case study

Amy praised for roadside care in traffic incident

Our Adult Nursing degree prepares our students for a challenging and rewarding career. They learn how to deliver care in a variety of arenas, undergoing a series of placements during their course. And, thanks to her training, student Amy Lyons knew exactly what to do when she unexpectedly came across a road traffic incident.

Calm and reassuring

Amy was with qualified district nurse and University of Derby graduate True Bradley during an insight day on her placement when they came across the incident.

True explains: “During our visits, we came across a road traffic crash between a car and a pushbike and we stopped to help. Amy remained calm and listened to all my instructions while I supported the gentleman's c-spine [neck]. She continued to help when paramedics arrived and followed their instructions and even helped with a long roll.

“Amy reassured the gentleman and even provided support to his wife, who was obviously in distress about the incident. It was a pleasure to have had her for the day and she represented the University very well and did us all proud.” 

Amy says: “It was an awful situation witnessing a man being knocked off his bike. I really felt a duty of care to reassure the patient, his wife and their extended family, as it was not a pleasant sight for them seeing him lying in the road.

“I felt calm and in control, and ready if things were to change rapidly. Largely that is down to the amount of training we have had from the University and on placements. It all comes together in situations like that and made me believe I am confident to qualify!”  

Prepared for the next step

During her course, Amy has undertaken numerous placements, mainly at a local trust hospital. “I have had placements on medical and surgical wards, and these have offered a great insight into different areas of adult nursing," she says.

“My most recent placement was in a community hospital on a rehabilitation ward. This placement gave me the opportunity to manage complex discharges and my own patients. I also enjoyed a few insight days in the community with the district nursing team.

“During my three years of placements, I have learnt a great deal about assessing, planning, and implementing care for patients that I will definitely take forward into my chosen career path. I have learnt how to deliver medication safely and escalate concerns.

“I have recently had two job interviews for band five roles for when I qualify, and I have been offered both jobs. I was able to draw on experience from placements to add depth to my answers in the interview. I feel the Stage Three academic team at the University of Derby have done a great job in preparing us for interviews.”

Finally taking the plunge after 20 years

Amy has wanted to be a nurse for over 20 years, but due to having her family young she had to wait until she could fully commit to the course.

“I chose the University of Derby as the reputation of the nursing course was highly recommended”, she says. “I chose to study at the Chesterfield campus due to living in Chesterfield, so it is convenient and close to home. I also liked how intimate the setting felt at Chesterfield in comparison to a larger university. Being a mature student, I felt I would be more settled in a smaller learning environment.”

Using research in the workplace

Amy researched ulcers and prevention at the end of life as part of her negotiated module. She says: “It was very interesting and I received my highest grade for this piece of work and a recommendation to consider having it published. I will use it going forward to educate colleagues, patients and families about pressure ulcer prevention and management.”

A female nursing student

Anyone considering this course, take the leap of faith! The support is great if you are willing to ask for it! The academic team are great. The time flies. I have blinked, and I am nearly a qualified nurse!

Amy Lyons
BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)