Radical SR1 Cup Championship video transcript

Video begins by zooming into the Welcome to Donington Park banner at the entrance to Donington Park and the students' car driving around the racetrack.
Andy Menzies, Technical Instructor, speaks
"The students are undertaking a number  of different roles as part of this project. We've got Team Managers,  Race Engineers, Data Engineers, Number 1 Mechanics and Number 2 Mechanics.  There's around 30 students that have signed up to the program and they'll be working on  a rotational basis throughout the season. As part of this project the students will  learn a lot of really useful skills that will help set them well for industry including  how to manage their time, how to work together as a team and how to communicate effectively." 
Whilst Andy is speaking there are shots of the students working on the car, examining data, at the launch event for the car, working together and sharing ideas
Tom Wood, Professional Driver, speaks
"For the students I think it's just getting used to that pressured situation when a driver comes  in and not necessarily happy with the car. It's dealing with that and then relaying my feelings  into a theory that they've learned. So it's a brilliant tool actually doing it for real at  a race circuit under pressured situations."
Whilst Tom is speaking there are shots of Tom talking to the students about his thought on how the car is driving and the students making adjustments to it according to his feedback.
Matas Mendelis, Motorsport Engineering student speaks
"So I've been here as a Race Engineer so it's  one of the bigger roles here so doing it now while I'm still in the third year is  a great opportunity basically to get the practice. Sometimes things can go so wrong and  you need to react and this is stuff you cannot be that cannot be learned in the University you  need to really go through the practice of it."
Whilst Matas is speaking there are shots of him working in his role as Race Engineer, talking to other members of the team and working on the car.
Race Day
Charley Webster, Motorsport Engineering student speaks
"The team got most of the adjustments and the  car set up finalised last night so today has been pretty relaxed. So now it's just the  final preparations before going to quali. So quali actually went really well. It's a great  start to a big season ahead of us. It feels absolutely amazing to finish our first race in P2.  I'm sure the rest of the team will agree with me it's definitely given us all high hopes for the  rest of the season working with Tom because he's shown some amazing talent."
Whilst Charley speaks there are shots of Tom driving the car around the racetrack, Tom on the podium securing second place and talking to the media.
Andy Menzies, Technical Instructor speaks
"The students have  done a fantastic job this weekend. They've had a lot to do, it's been a very short timetable  with very small gaps in between the sessions. They've had a lot of work to do in terms of car  prep, making all the setup changes that they've decided on based on the feedback from the driver  and from looking at the data. But overall they've worked fantastically together. Everything's been  done, it's been done on time and we've had a fantastic weekend in terms of results. I couldn't  I couldn't have asked anything more from them."
Whilst Andy is speaking there are shots of the students working on the car, looking at data and then the video ends with the students and Technical Instructors involved cheering next to the car with their trophy and champagne resting on the car

Radical SR1 Cup Championship video

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