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Fashion with a purpose

Designing clothes is personal for Muroj Negha. It comes from a desire to tailor clothes to fit her proportions as a little person. And, since joining our BA (Hons) Fashion Design, this has evolved to her wanting to show what people with disabilities can achieve - alongside challenging prejudices around little people.

Finding her passion early on

Muroj was born in Iraq and grew up in the Czech Republic. She knew at the age of 14 that she wanted to study fashion design - and study abroad.

As someone with dwarfism, Muroj was uncomfortable wearing children’s clothes. They fit her proportions but not her sense of self. As she grew older, she felt she couldn’t express herself the way she wanted to or wear the styles and trends she wanted to follow.

Muroj realised she wanted to make clothes for herself - as well as for others who may struggle to find clothes that are the perfect fit. When researching universities, she heard lots about Fashion at Derby and was impressed with the course content and facilities she would learn in.

 Muroj and models wearing her collection: a brightly coloured patchwork of shapes on blue denim and white
Muroj Negha, left, and models showing her collection

Seizing opportunities

Muroj is grateful she has had the chance to move to another country to study. She says: "For a person with dwarfism, it’s not the easiest thing to move to another country and have a different life. I had to think about everything twice and believe in myself.”

Adapting to life in another country has opened up lots of opportunities for Muroj. “I met many people from different cultures and backgrounds, improved my English and grew in confidence talking to new people," she says. "I learned to be more independent and solve problems on my own.”

Achieving success

When Muroj reflects on her three years studying at Derby, she feels her ultimate achievement is how she made her vision a reality with her passion for fashion.

She says: “I was working on my dream and the message that I want to share with everyone: being confident to talk about people with dwarfism, and what they are going through and showing all this in my final collection ‘From My Perspective'."

Muroj’s final collection debuted at Graduate Fashion Week 2022. Her designs aim to introduce people to dwarfism and create clothes that little people want to wear.

“For me, living this experience is the greatest achievement that changed my life and personality.”

 Muroj and a model wearing clothes from her collection: blue denim, yellow and white, with brightly coloured patchwork shapes.

Future plans

Muroj wants to use fashion to its best ability and be an advocate for inclusivity within the industry. She explains: “I want to ensure I am creating a positive influence and change in my community. I’d like to collaborate with others to create meaningful work that inspires people whilst strengthening my knowledge and skills.”

Building a brand

“We are the change that we are waiting for” is how Muroj explains her passion for building a brand. Her vision is to create designs for everyone and offer a range of sizes that includes catering to little people. Muroj wants to shake up the fashion industry.

“I see opportunities to create change, create new and unseen content, and bring something into our world that has not previously existed.”

Models wearing Munroj's collection

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