Science and Engineering Subject Sessions

Subject Sessions

Throughout this interactive session you will be explore the architecture of Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house. You will complete a task based on these two buildings.

Throughout this interactive session you will join a tutorial activity that will illustrate the approaches used at undergraduate degree level to explore the 'scale of life'.

This session will start with a presentation about the courses on offer. You will then create your own DNA necklace to take home with you using practical applications of molecular biology. The activity will end with an optional tour to our OMICS facility.

This practical session will be based on 'Capturing the Real World for VR use'. The activity will explore the use of our scanners and the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone)) to investigate this topic.

Take part in an interactive subject taster session that will give you a more in-depth understanding of the area that interests you in our Computing or Artificial Intelligence subjects. You will have the chance to experience the academic content and teaching style we offer at Derby. 

In this session you’ll design and simulate an electronic circuit with commonly used electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and light emitting diodes (LED) that turn on to indicate the correct working of the circuit.  The simulation will be carried out using Multisim – an industry-standard software for the design and simulation of analogue and digital circuits. Its interactive environment makes it easy to visualise the behaviour of a circuit. You’ll learn how to navigate through Multisim and how to carry out a design and simulation using this tool.

The world is currently facing many challenges as a result of global warming and climate change – Earth and Environmental scientists play a critical role in the provision of solutions to these problems. This combined lecture and practical session shall experimentally investigate how Environmental Scientists and Earth Scientists work together to resolve two specific challenges of the Climate Emergency – the siting of offshore wind farms and coastal protection in an era of rising sea levels.

This interactive session will start with an overview of the courses on offer. You will then take part in a lab-based activity on presumptive tests, and fingerprint enhancement on materials used for drug wraps. There will also be the opportunity to search a scene in the crime scene house.

This session will consist of a short welcome talk followed by an activity in our specialist facilities that brings Mechanical Engineering to life. 

This activity will start with a brief introduction to Motorsport Engineering. You will then take part in an activity in our exciting facilities so you can see where you will study and the equipment you will get to use.

You will be able to try out a number of practical's in lighting and sound using some of our specialist facilities. Guided by our teaching team and current students, you will explore important principles. 

During your activity you will take part in a workshop based on the topic of 'What is coaching/teaching and what does it look like in practice?'

This will then be followed by an interactive session where you will work alongside academic staff and current students considering how to design coaching sessions, based on context and environment, and begin to share and apply ideas in applied practical situations. You will then have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course, future development, opportunities within the programme and coaching and education at the University of Derby.

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear as you will be taking part in light physical activity.

In this lab based interactive session, you will gain hands-on experience in testing the estimation of VO2 max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption attainable during physical exertion) using the Chester Step Test.*

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear as you may be asked to be take part in light physical activity.

The morning session will be based on campus where a subject talk and activity will take place.

The afternoon session will be held at Derby County Football Club*, where there will be a welcome talk and then you will take part in a Sport Management task. This will be followed by a pitch side and tunnel experience at the stadium.

If you have booked onto the morning session, we encourage you to attend the afternoon session as you will get to explore the stadium where work placements take place.

*A bus service to the stadium will be provided.

Your practical session will be based in our Centre for Performance Analysis and Coaching. You will be tasked with answering a coaching-based question through the use of a code window to analyse players performance. You will provide feedback via simplistic data and video using Telestration Software.

This interactive session will take place in our Sport Therapy Lab. It will consist of a demonstrations and a practical activity based on an anatomy session within the clinic.*

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear as you may be asked to be take part in light physical activity.