Science and Engineering Subject Sessions

Subject Sessions

Throughout this interactive session you will be tasked with creating a modern building design. You will start by researching modern architecture and buildings, and then move on to drawing and constructing a model based on your design.

Throughout this interactive session you will examine moss as an ecosystem. Using microscopes, you will find and identify some of the specimens in the moss (tardigrades, rotifers, nematode worms, microorganisms etc). You will then explore moss as a functioning ecosystem, as well as its ecological importance and contribution to nature-based solutions (e.g. acting to slow flood water). This activity will involve high tech demonstrations of our advanced microscopes and determine ecological function of the moss using the IGRA analyser.

In this session, you will create your own DNA necklace to take home with you using practical applications of molecular biology.

During this practical session, you will take part in numerous activities including, a demonstration of our 10metre flume sluice gates with hydraulic jump; a river flow simulation comparing earth against clay core dams; a robotic and hybrid surveying technology; and a immersive experience on our VR headset.

You will have the option of joining one of two activities:

  1. A practical session where you will explore how to build apps in the popular programming language Python, and in doing so explore some aspects of the software development and life cycle
  2. A lecture on an introduction to artificial intelligence (and its’ applications)

In this session you’ll design and simulate an electronic circuit with commonly used electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and light emitting diodes (LED) that turn on to indicate the correct working of the circuit.  The simulation will be carried out using Multisim – an industry-standard software for the design and simulation of analogue and digital circuits. Its interactive environment makes it easy to visualise the behaviour of a circuit. You’ll learn how to navigate through Multisim and how to carry out a design and simulation using this tool.

During this session you will explore the concept of urbanisation and the development of environmentally sound cities. You will use an online programme to develop a sustainable city, meeting the needs for residents and biological diversity.

During this interactive session, you will take part in a lab-based activity investigating DNA extraction in the field of forensic food authentication.

This session will consist of producing a design using engineering software and then cutting the design out using a laser printer. You’ll produce your design using SolidWorks, 3D CAD software, which is used by students on the course. You’ll then use the laser cutter in our Makerspace area, a student-led workshop where students can design and produce prototypes for personal projects.

You’ll be taken through a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) demonstration followed by a demonstration in the wind tunnel. This facility is used for testing the aerodynamics of objects, studying the flow of air or gases around an object in motion, a key area of learning in Motorsport Engineering.

You will be able to try out a number of experiments in lighting and sound using some of our specialist facilities such as our Hemi-anechoic Chamber and the Audio Technology Lab. Guided by our teaching team and current students, you will explore important principles in Audio Technology and Live Event Lighting. There will be several experiments running concurrently for you to experience. There will also be the opportunity to get hands-on experience with some of our lighting, sound, and video control systems.

During your interactive session you will be guided by our expert teaching team to create and deliver your own sport session plan for a primary PE class.

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear as you will be taking part in light physical activity.

In this lab based interactive session, you will gain hands-on experience in submaximal fitness testing (SMFT). When working with population groups unable to undertake maximal exercise (e.g. patients with underlaying health conditions that increase their risk of a cardiac event), or in athletic populations whereby maximal testing is undesired (e.g. in the middle of a competitive season, or following injury), SMFT can be used to estimate current fitness levels. You will learn about the scientific theory that underpins the activity, as well as conducting a SMFT during which you will collect a variety of physiological and subjective measurements.*

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear. You'll also need to complete the waiver form which will be sent to the email address used to book onto this event.

The morning session will be based on campus where a subject talk and activity will take place.

The afternoon session will be held at Derby County Football Club*, where you will take part in a Sport Management careers task and discussion. This will be followed by a ticketing challenge and a tour of the stadium focusing on the business element of the facility and club.

If you have booked onto the morning session, we encourage you to attend the afternoon session as you will get to explore the stadium where work placements take place.

*A bus service to the stadium will be provided.

Having knowledge of an athlete’s 1 Repetition Maximum (1RM) has been traditionally used to prescribe appropriate resistance training loads. The assessment of 1RM however is both an elevated injury risk and a high level of training stimulus, this session will introduce you to how using modern technology and submaximal loads an athletes 1RM can be predicted. This will reduce the athletes injury risk and the stimulus allowing for more meaningful measures particularly in competition periods.

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear. You'll also need to complete the waiver form which will be sent to the email address used to book onto this event.

Your practical session will be based in our new Centre for Performance Analysis and Coaching. You will be tasked with answering a coaching-based question through the use of a code window to analyse players performance. You will provide feedback via simplistic data and video using Telestration Software.

This interactive session will take place in our Sport Therapy Lab. It will consist of a demonstration focusing on our Sport Therapy Clinic, a student-led service where our current students gain hands-on experience working in a clinical setting. You will then get to take part in a practical activity based on an anatomy session within the clinic.

*Please ensure you wear sport clothing and trainers/flat, non-slip footwear.