Introduction to Innovative 21st Century Teaching video transcript

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and technologies are disrupting teaching and learning.

The role of the educators is changing as a result.

To help learners of the digital age, new skills must be identified and new ways to teach and assess must be embraced.

This online course will introduce the “3 Cs” of the 21st Century within the context of teaching: Curiosity, Curation and Community and we’ll look at best practice to use technology to support them.

You will explore new and emerging technologies while considering their uses within teaching and learning and discovering new digital horizons with like-minded professionals.

In today’s technology and media situations, we have instant access to a wealth of information.

Rapid changes in technology and the ability to cooperate make individual contributions possible on an unprecedented scale and we, as teachers, need to be prepared to lead to lead modern learners as they develop.

The aim on this course is to provide you with skills to adapt, as an educator, to the ever changing digital landscape and for you to be able to demonstrate your newfound confidence in technology enhanced learning in the classroom.

Introduction to Innovative 21st Century Teaching video

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