Throughout the learning process you will be awarded a Digital Open Badge for completing each unit. These are internationally recognised by many employers and educational institutions and will allow you to display your study achievements, even if you only wish to complete a specific unit.

Upon finishing the course, you will be issued an E-Certificate featuring all earned badges and stating that you have completed the full course, so that you can add it to your CV or education portfolio.

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Course units

The course is made up of 3 units, each will require approximately 4 hours of study.

This unit introduces you to some of the basic principles and concepts of journalism, as well as some of its history and development. Here, you will learn something about why journalism developed in the way that it did and the ideas that have underpinned it throughout its development.

This unit examines where journalism might have failed to adhere to its core principles and objectives and highlights some of the key controversies within journalism that have occasionally cast a shadow over its performance. You will have an opportunity to examine the debate about press standards and look at some of the key controversies that has fed this debate. In addition, you will learn about press regulation and the importance of accuracy, as well as some of the threats that journalism and journalists face in the course of their work.

This unit examines how we might improve journalism and address some of the challenges and obstacles that have, at times, hindered journalism’s obligation to fully serve the public. The unit draws on recent research into journalism ethics but also points to possible solutions to some of the current problems of journalism and public trust.