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In 2016, the University of Derby received the OpenupEd quality label. This means that the University of Derby is recognised as operating in a continuous process of improving their MOOC offerings. By achieving this label the University of Derby demonstrates that it offers quality controlled MOOCs in compliance with benchmarks tailored to both online and open education and keeps up to date with the latest developments. Furthermore, that it uses the OpenupEd quality instrument for benchmarked self-assessment on MOOCs and takes measures of improvement accordingly.

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We are proud to be an accredited provider of the CPD Standards Office for our online short courses and free courses, demonstrating that they conform to CPD best practice and are appropriate for inclusion in a formal CPD record.

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Course units

The course is made up of six units and this online course will require approximately 18 hours of study.

The first unit will introduce the concept of patient-centred care (PCC). You will consider the nature of interactions in healthcare and ways that healthcare professionals can deliver PCC.

Good communication with patients and their carers is the cornerstone of patient-centred care (PCC). This unit considers what good communication looks and sounds like.

Unit 3 begins to focus on the specific challenges facing diagnostic radiographers when delivering patient-centred care (PCC). A number of PCC approaches are outlined in this section to help support diagnostic radiographers in providing holistic care.

This unit considers the role of the diagnostic radiographer in imaging examinations and procedures and looks at how to maintain service efficiency while ensuring care is patient centred.

This unit introduces you to a self-audit tool that can be used to measure your level of patient-centred care (PCC) in your day-to-day practice. This type of audit is an ideal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity and will help you to meet the requirements of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) biannual CPD audit.

The final unit introduces you to an audit tool that can be used to audit your organisation’s level of patient-centred care (PCC) and/or approaches. The organisational audit is a way for you to reflect on practice within your organisation and an opportunity to consider how the organisation could become more patient centred.