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Course units

The first unit looks at what Nature Connectedness is and how it differs from simple contact with nature. It explores differences in nature connectedness and examines how environmental issues and culture demonstrate our failing relationship with nature.

The second unit explores the difference between hedonic and eudaemonic wellbeing and the effect Nature Connectedness has on both broad types of wellbeing. It also explores what the evidence base is for the role of Nature Connectedness for human wellbeing and mental health and how it can mitigate eco-anxiety.

The third unit considers the evidence for the positive effect of nature connectedness on pro-environmental and pro-conservation behaviours. It also looks at understanding which activities along with nature connectedness are important for pro-nature behaviours and how they can be tracked at a population level.

The fourth unit looks at understanding the evidence for noticing-based interventions to improve nature connectedness and experiencing two noticing-based nature connectedness interventions and to reflect on your experience.

The fifth unit looks at understanding the pathways to nature connectedness – types of relationships with nature to foster for a sustainable future.

The sixth unit considers how the pathways framework can be effectively applied in different contexts to improve nature connectedness.

The seventh unit is about understanding how to evaluate nature connectedness interventions, covering factors such as various measures and timelines for collecting and measuring responses.

The eighth unit introduces a systems perspective on the pathways and nature connectedness to consider change at a societal level.