You will complete seven units over a period of up to 18 months. Each unit requires approximately 80 hours of study time which includes wider reading, research and preparing for assessments.

Course units

You will develop your understanding of the importance of creating a realistic and coherent business strategy in the hospitality industry, including an introduction to the key concepts of strategy and how it relates to your own business environment.

You will develop an understanding of the principles of marketing in the service environment including the basic marketing principles and their application in relation to your own business in the hospitality industry. You will learn about the importance of marketing communications and the channels of distribution, develop a range of skills in identifying and using the most appropriate communications across a range of business settings within hospitality.

You will develop an understanding of the complexities and considerations in managing the consumer and consumer expectations. This includes the impact of social media and other review mechanisms, understanding customer behaviour and loyalty, and the Total Quality Management (TQM) and service quality. You will also be able to develop an understanding of consumer management and customer relationship management (CRM).

You will develop an understanding of the management of business performance from both a financial and operational position. You will develop skills to critically analyse business performance and recognise key performance indicators (KPI) that impact on the effective and efficient management of the business function in the hospitality industry.

You will develop an understanding of effective leaders and managers and their distinctive characteristics and the key components for maintaining and improving business performance. You will also develop an understanding of the nature and importance of staff development and organisational restructuring in the continued development of an effective hospitality organisation.

You will develop an understanding of the way in which the hospitality business needs to maintain awareness of legal developments and implement change on a regular basis. You will be able to recognise and evaluate the implications of legislative changes for your own business activities and consider the implications and mechanisms required to ensure compliance.

You will develop skills in analysis, scheduling, and simple charting to effectively manage business-related projects. You will also develop your understanding and skills in recognising and managing your own professional development in order to achieve career goals as well as identify your own strengths and weaknesses to develop an individual professional development plan.

Teaching and learning

This self-directed course has been developed by subject experts to meet the requirements set by CTH and is designed to be intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking and rewarding, while preparing you for the CTH assessment. It can be studied at any time and is delivered 100% online, allowing you to manage your studies around work and family commitments. You will be monitored and supported (but not taught) by a University of Derby tutor throughout the course. Your support tutor will:

Your online study materials include texts, videos, interactive diagrams, and self-assessment activities to help you develop a good understanding of the subject. As you work your way through each unit you will build your own learning portfolio which will prepare you for the final coursework assessment.

Student resources and student membership of the Institute of Hospitality and Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality.

To support your studies, you will have access to a range of online library resources through University of Derby Online Learning, and student membership of both the Institute of Hospitality and Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality.

What does student membership include?

Student membership for the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality includes access to textbooks, industry articles and other study materials. You can also create discussion groups and access the jobs section on the CTH website. Student membership with the Institute of Hospitality includes unlimited access to online resources including ebooks, ejournals and industry reports, free entry to student events, free attendance at webinars, access to the Mentor Me scheme, student discounts and more.

Pace of study and support

The course consists of seven units in seven business areas that can be studied at your own pace online in as little as three months or up to a maximum of 18 months. We recommend that you aim to complete the course within six to seven months. Each unit requires approximately 80 hours of study time.

You will cover the fundamental principles of business management within a hospitality context. This includes areas such as: managing a customer focussed business, strategy, planning, marketing and communications, HR, finance, leadership and how to manage your own professional development.

You can choose the order in which you study the units, subject to availability.

You will not be taught directly but your studies will be monitored and you will receive support from University of Derby tutor Yukari Iguchi.

Assessment method

For each unit, you will be required to complete an end of unit assessment which is in the form of a multiple-choice online test. You will need to arrange to take the online assessment through your designated tutor.

Once you have successfully completed all seven units, you must pass a final online coursework assessment to receive the Level 4 Diploma.

All assessments are set by and take place through the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) which is an awarding body recognised and regulated by Ofqual, who are the official regulators of qualifications, exams and tests in England.

You have a maximum of 18 months to complete 560 hours of total qualification time.

Yukari Iguchi leaning on a hand rail

Yukari Iguchi
Academic Lead for Hospitality and Business

Academic Lead for Hospitality and Leisure, Yukari Iguchi, has performed a range of roles including Programme Leader for undergraduate hospitality programmes, International Student Coordinator, International Collaborative Project Manager, and Online and Distance Learning Coordinator.

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