You will study this course 100% online.

There is no obligation for you to undertake every activity, but being involved in all aspects of the course will help you to achieve a well-rounded background in preparation for a more advanced study of GeoEnergy.

There is no graded assessment. Instead, you will receive a badge for each completed Unit, and then upon completion of the whole course, you will be awarded with an e-certificate.

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Course units

The course is made up of 6 units, each will require approximately 8 hours of study.

The first unit introduces you to fundamental geological concepts and how they are applied within the geosciences. You will learn about geological time and the 'laws' of geology and be introduced to how tectonic and other processes generate sedimentary basins.

In the second unit you will learn how to accurately describe sediments and sedimentary structures from a range of depositional settings. You will gain an understanding of how sediment components ‘evolve’ over time and how sedimentary structures are formed.

The third unit explores how we can employ ancient sedimentary rocks to inform us about past depositional environments and how this knowledge can be used to understand the distribution of rocks in the subsurface.

The fourth unit introduces and explores the concept of sequence stratigraphy, demonstrating how sea level plays a fundamental role in the nature and distribution of sedimentary rocks.

In the fifth unit, focus is on the origin, nature and development of porosity and permeability in the subsurface. This unit also provides an overview of fluid flow in the geological realm.

The final unit introduces some of the challenges faced by the transition to Net Zero Carbon and investigates available and developing GeoEnergy technologies.