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18 months blended learning (online and workshops)


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Available to payroll and pensions professionals who wish to further enhance their work based skills and knowledge in relation to generic business and management, the BA (Hons) Applied Business and Management (CIPP - Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) has been developed to demonstrate the link between payroll/pensions and business strategy.

It does not focus on the legislation or technical skills associated with payroll and pensions as these are assumed, instead it covers topics such as project management and how to manage change successfully within an organisation.

The qualification is designed for individuals who:

On completion of the qualification you will:

Work based project and assignments allow you to apply what you have learned to your daily role, so benefiting your organisation.

Once qualified, you will be invited to become a Fellow member of the CIPP.

Keep up to date with the latest issues in your profession

During the course you will benefit from regular CIPP updates via the CIPP e-newsletter and monthly magazine “Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward”, and may be offered discounts on short day training courses offered by CIPP.

If you do not hold an existing CIPP or equivalent qualification you can still apply through recognition of your prior learning. Details can be obtained from the CIPP by emailing

Structure, certificates and assessment

What you will cover

The BA (Hons) Applied Business and Management encourages strategic thinking. It includes modules and areas of study such as:

You will develop your ability to:

  • Lead with confidence
  • Be a resilient leader
  • Be a connecting leader

In this module you will cover:

  • Organisational learning
  • Leadership and management
  • The nature of business organisations
  • The nature of governance and change
  • Power and politics in change
  • Organisational culture and change
  • Teams and organisational change
  • Structure and change
  • Change interventions
  • Management theory and strategy
  • Assess the various definitions and characteristics of a project
  • Explore why organisations in different sectors need to engage in projects and consider different types of project
  • Evaluate the implications of the ‘project management triangle’ of scope, time and cost
  • Demonstrate an understanding of external business environmental factors and how they may affect a project (PESTLE)
  • Appreciate the various stages of project management and understand the various stakeholders involved
  • Examine critical success factors and ways in which projects may fail
  • Evaluate current IT availability and its application to project management
  • Understand the nature of accounting: financial accounts, accounting statements, adjustments, cash flow
  • Understand the nature of company finance
  • Evaluate accounting information and service
  • The facilitation of operational and financial control
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial reports
  • Management accounting
  • The basis of management research and the different foundations for the development of knowledge
  • Methodology and research strategy in terms of research approach (inductive vs. deductive); types of data (qualitative vs. quantitative), access to data (e.g. sampling strategies) and quality of data (e.g. validity or situational)
  • Research methods: the tools and techniques used to identify data sources, capture data, record data, and analyse data

Through process of negotiation, you will identify a relevant area for investigation within your workplace related to your field of academic study. You will be expected to present the rationale, outline of methodological approach and any associated ethical issues.

How you will learn

The BA (Hons) Applied Business and Management (CIPP) is delivered by blended learning which is a mix of access to online core study materials and tools, with face to face tutorials. 

Each modules has a two day tutorial which takes place at the University of Derby Enterprise Centre (DE1 3LD).

Module interaction requires discussion, debate and application of real work based issues. The workshops and tutorials play a vital role in feedback and guidance, as well as providing an opportunity to have questions answered and areas of uncertainty clarified. They are held at the start of each module and help you to settle in to the course material. 

Your module tutor will offer assistance, guidance and feedback whenever needed throughout the duration of each topic.

See module dates under on the CIPP website.


Benefits for your employer

By completing the course, not only will you benefit as an individual, but your employer will benefit too:

Entry requirements

You should hold either:

If you do not hold any of the above qualifications, but have knowledge and experience in a strategic role you may be awarded direct access onto the course if you can demonstrate experience via Accredited Prior Learning (APL). APL can be:

You must hold at least three years’ experience within a business, payroll or pensions environment. In addition your experience should include strategic aspects such as project management, managing change and team leadership. This is subject to final assessment by the University of Derby. To enquire further, please contact CIPP.

Fees and funding

2018/19 Fees



£1,155 per module




This course is run through the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). Please visit their course information for the latest fees.

Further information about our fees and support you may be entitled to.

How to apply

UK students

Please apply directly to CIPP

All applications and enquiries for this programme are dealt with by CIPP. Visit the CIPP application website for information on how to apply.

Contact details

Course: Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) +44 (0)1217 121010
Admissions +44 (0)1332 591167 
General +44 (0)1332 590500