Suppliers Guide


This guide includes information on sending invoices to us, creating invoices on our system and viewing invoices generated in our system as well as how to request a remittance.

Please do not commit to the supply of goods or services without a valid purchase order from us.

Purchase Order Numbers from the University of Derby are in this format:


Sending Invoices

Option 1: sending your own invoice via email

University of Derby / Derbyshire Student Residences Ltd / University of Derby Theatre Ltd (*select as per PO provided)

Finance Department, PO Box 88, Derby, DE22 1XB


Option 2: Create and submit an invoice via our Supplier Portal

To do this:

  1. Login to Oracle Finance
  2. Click on supplier portal
  3. Scroll down to create invoice
  4. From the drop down box called ‘identifying PO’, select the PO you want to invoice.
  5. You cannot create an invoice without a valid University Purchase Order number. If there are no Purchase Orders showing, then you cannot invoice.
  6. Complete the form, selecting your bank account number* and your invoice number as well as a brief description of your invoice details. *Your bank account number is pulled from your profile. If your account is not showing or is incorrect, you need to go back to your profile to correct this. Suppliers Guide - Update your Bank Account
  7. Enter your Invoice Number and date and enter a brief description of your Invoice details.
  8. Click on the Select and Add Icon. Your Purchase Order line will be displayed. Enter the invoice quantity. You can enter a part quantity if you only wish to Invoice for part of a Purchase Order.
  9. Press submit to get the following message:


A screenshot of the Oracle Finance Supplier Portal Invoice submitted message

To view your invoices that you have generated in our system

A screenshot showing the view invoices screen on the Oracle Finance Supplier Portal


(please note this is a dummy supplier and all details are for demonstration purposes only)

A screenshot showing a list of invoices on the supplier portal


The icons are located near the top right corner of the Oracle Supplier Portal screen


A screenshot showing the icons at the top of the Oracle Finance Supplier Portal screen

If you need more help with invoices, please email