BSc (Hons) Geology - Fieldwork - University of Derby


Residential Trips

Single Day Trips

Peak District - Castleton

Peak District

A visit to the north Derbyshire village of Castleton to examine Carboniferous limestones, their mineralisation and landslips. A highlight is a visit underground to one of the 'blue john' workings.

Yaxley, Peterborough

Yaxley, Peterborough

This trip provides an opportunity to collect fossils and data that will be used during class in subsequent weeks of the module. The ultimate aim is to use the data to reconstruct the environment around Yaxley during the Jurassic 160 MYA.

The constantly eroding embankments around the now disused quarries at Yaxley are extremely rich in fossils. Dating to the late Jurassic, these Oxford Clay exposures present a wealth of ammonites, Gryphaea, crinoids and trace fossils that form part of an ecosystem trapped in time.

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During this self-directed trip you will undertake GPS data collection within a local residential area for GIS-based asset mapping and management. This trips takes place within the GIS modules.