Images of Research 2023

Research Photography Competition 2023.

How do you convey research and research impact through a single image?  

Research across the University is rich, impactful and diverse and imagery can capture so much of that. We are challenging our research staff and students to submit a single image that captures and explains their research from a different angle and to different audiences.

Your image should inform, intrigue and engage people, whether they are an academic in your field or someone who hasn’t come across your research previously. Your image can be of anything you like, as long as it is related to your research.

Alongside your image, you will be able to provide a title and a narrative to support it and offer some background to the research. You will also need to select one of our Academic Themes that you think your image fits into the best. If you think it fits into more than one theme, then please select all those that apply.

The closing date for entries is 9 June 2023, 5pm. 

Please ensure you read the competition guidance before entering your submission. 


By entering the Images of Research photography competition, you are in with a chance of winning Amazon e-vouchers. There will be winner’s and runner-up prizes for the below categories:

Postgraduate Research Student and research staff winners and runner’s up will be selected by an internal judging panel, and the people’s vote will be open to the public to vote. 

Terms and conditions

  • Open to research staff and Postgraduate Research Students at the University of Derby only 
  • Only one entry per individual – if you submit more than one, only your first submission will be accepted
  • Entry opens on the 15 May 2023, 9am and closes 9 June 2023, 5pm
  • Submission by website form only
  • Title (max. 80 characters) and narrative (max. 800 characters) must be included to be eligible
  • The narrative should explain what your image shows and how it relates to your research. The narrative must be accessible to a non-specialist audience
  • Images should be 2000x1333 pixels (mobile phones should support this – camera settings may need to be altered before photos are taken)
  • Images must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG file
  • Submissions that do not conform the competition rules, guidance and judging criteria will be deemed ineligible and removed from the competition
  • It is the responsibility of the photographer to secure permission from any identifiable persons in their photograph. Please see our example of a Consent form (*downloads as a Word document* )you might use. Submissions without a consent form from all identifiable persons of support will be removed from the competition
  • The University of Derby shall not be liable in any way for a submission
  • You must be the sole owner and author of your entry 
  • The University of Derby retains the right to use all submitted images (including non prize-winners) in promotional materials and on the University website and social media channels without further permission from, or compensation to, the photographer. The use of images may also extend to online galleries. Credit will be given to the photographer if reproduced. The photographer will retain copyright
  • Did the image make the viewer want to know more about the research? 
  • Did the narrative communicate the story behind the image and how it relates to the research?  
  • Was the narrative written in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience? 
  • To what extent does the submission as a whole (image and text) communicate the impact of the research on society, culture, the environment or the economy?  
  • Submissions need to meet the required specifications and eligibility criteria
  • The decision of the judging panel is final

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a galaxy in the sky

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