IHTTI School of Hotel Management (Neuchatel, Switzerland)

IHTTI School of Hotel Management is part of the Swiss Education Group (SEG). It is one of the most established hotel management schools in Switzerland with a long and proud history, located in the centre of the historic university city of Neuchâtel.

The overall vision is to develop, in association with the University of Derby and others, an educational institution concentrating on the service delivery sector concerned with tourism and hospitality and its management, at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. IHTTI has extensive links to the hospitality industry, which enable them to place students in internships in Switzerland and around the world. Internships are an integral part of the programme and provide students with significant industry experience prior to graduation.


The following programme is currently running at IHTTI:


Students apply directly to IHTTI and enrol in February and September. Once enrolled, the University of Derby provides students with access to the University’s virtual learning environment (University of Derby Online) where online resources and learning materials are available.

Students will receive administrative support from both IHTTI and University of Derby.

Award ceremonies

Awarding students attend a University of Derby awards ceremony held at IHTTI. There is also an option to graduate at the University of Derby awards ceremony in the UK instead.