Corporate Partnerships

The University of Derby is the only higher education institution in Derbyshire and our Strategic Plan outlines our aim of ‘Being a Force for Positive Impact’ on the economic, social, cultural, educational and environmental prosperity of our region.

We were one of the first universities to pledge a commitment to produce a Civic University Agreement which was launched with 15 regional co-signatories. Alongside regional and government partners, we have co-invested resources to deliver a significant portfolio to stimulate local regeneration and business growth. As a champion of social mobility, we strive to create progression routes to high quality employment whilst supporting local organisations to innovate and grow.

As the anchor institution within the region, we recognise our role in not only providing teaching and learning, but also the key part we play in supporting the city, county and region’s long term economic growth and prosperity. Strategic partnerships are a key vehicle through which we have developed deeper, collaborative relationships with regional stakeholders and businesses to facilitate this. 

To find out more about Strategic Partnerships, contact our dedicated Business Gateway team.


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