Escuela Internacional de Gerencia

The Escuela Internacional de Gerencia (EIG) is the longest-running progression partnership of the University of Derby.

For more than 20 years, students from the EIG have completed the final year of their business degree at the University of Derby, obtaining an official UK bachelor with honours degree in International Business, International Business and Finance or in Banking and Finance.

The Escuela Internacional de Gerencia was established in 1992 by a group of entrepreneurs and managers concerned about the perceived gap between the skills needed by the business they ran and the abilities of the students from traditional business education. The EIG is a Business School intent on bringing the students closer to the real needs of a company. It follows a British-inspired academic model that combines work-based learning with interactive lectures and workshops delivered by academics and practitioners and aims to develop specific abilities and attitudes that make the students proficient on a professional and personal level.

EIG is committed to the development of the Eastern Andalusian region and to continuity of the great university tradition in Granada. 

With a clear aim to “train people to manage enterprises in an international business context”, Escuela Internacional de Gerencia has been successful in helping students find jobs, increasing their entrepreneurial initiative and developing their professional careers. The EIG is proud of the fact that 92% of EIG students are currently in work. 



Students apply directly to the Escuela Internacional de Gerencia. As the EIG runs a rolling admission policy, students can apply at any time of the year.

Students will receive administrative and accommodation support for their final year from both EIG and University of Derby.

Regional support

Siobhan Hinds (International Recruitment Officer)


Partner details

Eduardo Molina Fajardo
18014 Granada