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How we solved Regina's Danish dilemma

What do you do if you are a German living in Denmark and you want to study a Psychology degree? This was the dilemma faced by Regina Holler. The solution? Studying in England.

The online option

Regina is an experienced and dedicated physiotherapist. She wanted to study Psychology to broaden her range of therapies.

She explains: “I have always been interested in Psychology. As a physiotherapist, I have encountered so many clients from the actual psychological field. I have always worried about the lack of opportunity there is in medical professions to combine physical and psychological treatment successfully and on a fully professionally justifiable level.”

But Regina had just moved to Denmark from Germany and her Danish wasn’t fluent enough to study there. She adds: “Me and my partner were also unsure if we would be able to stay in Denmark long enough to complete my degree. So I looked for an option that allowed me to pursue a degree but also gave me flexibility.”

The option she chose was our online Psychology BSc (Hons) course.

Regina Holler
Regina Holler

Winter nights and lunchtime runs

Regina says fitting her online learning in around her work, family and social life was easy. She explains: “It is great to have flexible studying times that you can fit around all your other tasks. I love that I can be absolutely flexible with my learning while remaining committed to other aspects of my life. I love also how you have access to such a big online library night and day.

“For me, it is easy to motivate myself as I love the subject I study so much! It might sound funny but, in Denmark, in the long winters with the super-short days, it has proven to absolutely benefit my health that I simply was able to interrupt my work in the middle of the day and catch a bit of sunlight and fresh air on regular lunchtime runs!”

The best bit

Regina says the best part of our course is our one-week Psychology in Practice residential in Derby.

“The greatest experience is the residential week,” she says. “Meeting all fellow students and tutors is simply wonderful! It is always easier to keep in touch with people you’ve ‘really’ met, than building up relationships only online.

“You read their names online but never put faces to the names and then this just happens. Friendships start developing there and you stay in touch with people.”

And Regina has a special mention for our ‘super-supportive’ academics. “I admire the work the tutors do and how they keep supporting people so effectively even though they have no clue who they deal with! It must be utterly difficult to support students you have never seen. That’s amazing for me!”

The second-year residential at our Derby Campus is a requirement for completing the Psychology BSc (Hons) degree. Students who don’t take part in the residential can gain a Psychological Studies BSc (Hons).

Regina Holler at Graduation

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Career boost

Graduating in Psychology will have a big impact on Regina’s career. She explains: “I have planned to change my professional life completely. It has always been my goal to have a broad knowledge about the health of the body and mind.

“As an experienced and dedicated physiotherapist, I gained a lot of knowledge on mostly the physical aspects of health. However, now I will start my Psychology career with this degree to work with both fields in the future. I am so happy that I can change my career and without having to relocate.”

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