Regina Holler at Graduation video transcript

Regina: My name is Regina Holler and I am based in Denmark, I am from Germany and I studied a bachelors with honours in Psychology.

Question: Being an online course, did you ever get to meet your classmates?

Regina: Actually during the bachelors of Psychology you also have this residential week here at the University and this was one of the highlights of the whole programme because you meet people from your programme.

You read their names online but never put faces to the names and then this just happens and friendships start developing there and you stay in touch with people and that’s one of the highlights actually and, from that point onwards, it’s during your second year of education but, from that point onwards, it becomes easier because you have the feeling that you have met people and develop some team and also the University team themselves, like the supervisors the whole staff is just super supportive. That really works very well. Go for the University of Derby – it’s really nice here yeah.

Regina Holler at Graduation video

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