Your International Hospitality Business Management (Top-Up) BA (Hons) teaching team

The Hospitality teaching team have many years' experience within the hospitality industry which will result in you having a well-respected degree that’s been accredited and recognised by the Institute of Hospitality.

Yukari Iguchi leaning on a hand rail
Academic Lead for Hospitality and Business

Academic Lead for Hospitality and Business, Yukari Iguchi, is responsible for a range of online hospitality and business programmes. She has professional experience in the international hospitality industry and since she joined academia she performed a range of roles to support international and distance learning students and institutional partners.

Tony Stevenson standing up
Academic Lead Accounting Finance and Economics

Academic Lead Accounting Finance and Economics, Dr Tony Stevenson entered the Higher education sector as an international tutor teaching, Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions from a practitioner’s perspective.