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Online student Mo Aledeh helps patients on their journey to recovery in a hospital psychiatric department in Austria. Gaining a deeper understanding of his patient’s issues would help him in his role. Our online counselling courses have helped him find that understanding.

Career impact

Mo decided he was ready for a new challenge. He wanted to undertake further study to gain a greater understanding of how to encounter issues he faced in his role. He knew this would also help with his career development.

Mo, who works in Vienna, explains: “I like that my job brings me into contact with people from all different backgrounds. It’s so rewarding to see that the therapy I give is making an impact on their journey to recovery.

“I am studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches (Top-Up) BSC (Hons). The modules I have studied have exposed me to different therapies that can make a positive impact on people’s mental health. It entails a significant aspect of working with people who live and struggle with several mental disorders.

“I am enjoying my time at the university and the course has been immensely instrumental to the personal and professional development that I am experiencing. I have experienced a heightened level of self-reflection and, with my refined communication skills, I am now more empathetic with my patients and others.”

Mo says the course has also equipped him with some essential skills to understand, communicate and collaborate with his patients and their family members as well as his colleagues.


Mo first came across the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) when he was looking for an online CPD (continuing professional development) course to enhance his knowledge and skills at work. He says: “I discovered a handful of CPDs and MOOCs [free Massive Open Online Courses] with UDOL.

“I ended up registering for three free MOOCs: Depression: A Compassionate View, Bridging the Dementia Divide and Understanding Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD.”

From studying these MOOCs, Mo had a taste of what online learning would be like and knew he could do other courses. He explains: “Subsequently, I enrolled for the Diploma in Counselling followed by the University Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Studies and Skills and then I requested a transfer onto the BSC (Hons) Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches (Top-Up).”

Before choosing to study online, Mo was studying Ageing Services Management as a part-time degree with another education provider before deciding to switch to the University of Derby Online Learning. He says: “Although the study with the other provider was blended learning, it did not allow me to enjoy the freedom that I needed to work and lead my personal life.

“Discovering UDOL was the best solution to my thirst for studying and continuing development because it offers me the freedom, space, as well as enabling me to combine work, study and my private life.”

Online student Mo Aledeh standing smiling with academics Yasuhiro Kotera and Christine Rhodes
Mo Aledeh with academics Yasuhiro Kotera and Christine Rhodes

Embarking on the journey

Deciding on the right move wasn’t easy for Mo. He explains: “I can remember how I procrastinated thinking back and forth before embarking on this journey. When I look back at that time, I just feel it was the best decision I made.

“I wanted something new, meaningful, relevant to my work, something positively challenging and stimulating and UDOL presented all that to me.”

Mo has found online study "completely different" to studying in a classroom. He says: "I found that, with appropriate learning technologies and a group of qualified and experienced lecturers, I have been able to start and successfully complete each module.

“For example, the Blackboard collaborate and discussion forum within the course resources offer avenues for me to communicate and interact with lecturers and peers and this further enhanced my learning experience. Live sessions were also great as they were always recorded, so that they could be accessed in your free time if you missed them. Additionally, I have used email and Skype to communicate and interact with lecturers and peers.

“The teaching and support from the lecturers has been wonderful and helpful. They are kind, friendly and always there to support the students. I am enjoying a wonderful learning experience. Without their support, I could not have continued studying.”

Mo says that, since starting his studies at UDOL, his performance has been increasingly improving. “In other words, my grades have continuously been getting better,” he says. “The quality of my work and my personal satisfaction has immensely improved.”

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Our online counselling and psychotherapy courses

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