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The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates there are currently 35.6 million people living with dementia, a number which will double by 2030 and triple by 2050 (WHO, 2012). Dementia has already had a significant impact on society, and this will only increase.

It is important to understand the challenges of living with dementia as well as understanding the importance of providing the correct care for people with dementia.

This course will look at the global challenge of dementia. It focuses on integrative collaboration and partnership working to reduce barriers between services and provide seamless care for people living with dementia.

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Who is this course for?

The course is open to anyone who wants to better understand dementia and learn to care for people with dementia including carers of people with dementia, healthcare professionals and others with a general interest in dementia.

It is designed to offer more than just watching academic videos; you will also engage in forum discussions, group activities and other stimulating tasks.

Bridging the Dementia Divide: Supporting People Living with Dementia is a free online course that seeks to challenge stereotypes and teaches you to understand, sympathise and help people living with dementia in a compassionate manner. It encourages discussions but supports the sensitivity of the subject and people affected by it.

"I have worked in the past in a number of settings with people living with dementia and never taught as much as I have through this course. I have seen a lot of end of life care just not up to standard and it is really positive to learn this course is free and readily available. I will take a large part of this into my professional life including the model of practice and knowledge on the end of life."

Bridging the Dementia Divide, Online Learner

This course will:

David Robertshaw talks about dementia and introduces the University's free online Bridging the Dementia Divide course.

View Bridging the Dementia Divide: Supporting People Living with Dementia video transcript

Structure, certificates and assessment

We are proud that our positive impact to dementia through our online courses has been recognised by Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) and we are now an active member of the Alliance.

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Throughout the learning process you will be awarded a Digital Open Badge for completing each unit. These are internationally recognised by many employers and educational institutions and will allow you to display your study achievements, even if you only wish to complete a specific unit.

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Course units

The course is made up of 6 units, each will require approximately 2 hours of study.

In this unit we will look at what dementia is and why it is important.

We will discover the importance of effective communication and will learn how to show compassion.

We will learn how to help those living with dementia to maintain independence, control and a good quality of life.

We will analyse whether the needs of people with dementia are met by governments and organisations worldwide.

We will appraise the concept of integrative care and consider why it is important in care generally, as well as in Dementia more specifically.

We will evaluate the current approaches to end of life care for people with dementia, maintaining personhood and quality of life.

Learning outcomes


A flexible course that fits in with working and family life

This free short online course will help you understand the level of care required when caring for someone with dementia, as well as teaching you about communication and compassion, and how you can help a person living with dementia to maintain their independence, control and a good quality of life.

We will also consider what happens at the end of life: the reality is that there is currently no cure for dementia and the final phase of life can be a challenge not just for the person living with dementia but also for their family and other people around them.

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