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[We begin with Alice in Kedleston Road Atrium]

Alice: Today I'm finding out about the different types  of support we provide to our students to help them succeed during their time at University, both personally and academically.

[Montage of student walking up driveway, students chatting in Basecamp, before we cut to Alice with Sarah in Basecamp]

Alice: So hi Sarah: you're Head of Student Services at  the University of Derby. What does that involve?

Sarah: Hi Alice. So Student Services at the University  of Derby has several teams which are dedicated to supporting our students through the entire student  journey. So in our teams we've got the counselling team, we've got mental health support, we've got  disability, and we've got a team dedicated to providing advice and guidance around money. We're also really fortunate here at Derby that we've got an on-site GP, Park Medical Practice, and we've  also got a dedicated Multi-Faith Centre which offers a range of pastoral and spiritual support.

Alice: And how do students get started with accessing all this support?

Sarah: So there's multiple ways that  students can access support at Derby: you can phone us, you can email us, or you can access a  range of support and advice and guidance via our
web pages. We've got a range of self-help supports  on the web pages including the fantastic Talk Campus app which delivers peer-on-peer support  for our students. The support that we put in place will be bespoke, tailored to the student needs,  and it can flex and bend according to their needs throughout the journey of their studies.

Alice: Sending your son or daughter off to university can be a really exciting but potentially overwhelming time. What advice do you have to offer them?

Sarah: Absolutely Alice, and we recognise that. The key  advice that we would provide is to encourage their son, daughter, or the learner, to get in touch with Student Services as soon as possible. That can even be before they come to campus and start their studies.

Alice: And how does the support that the University offers its students differ from that that they might have received at school?

Sarah: The key difference is that it's student-led. The University won't implement the support automatically; we wait for the learner to come to  us when they feel ready to receive that support, or when they disclose.

Alice: So what happens where students might need a different type of support, perhaps it's academic help that they need?

Sarah: So the support that we provide at university involves a range of other  internal and external departments and organisations. One of the key teams that we work with is the College Student Centres, who will provide a range of academic  support and advice and guidance.

[We see a University flag blowing outside Kedleston Road, and cut to Alice now with Natalie in the Library]

Alice: Hi Nat, I've just been finding out about the  support provided by our Student Services team. How does that differ from what you do in the  College Student Centres?

Nat: So the College Student Centres are a dedicated place for information, advice, guidance and support around any academic or student queries that you may have. We've got  a dedicated team of personal college advisors who will be there to answer any query that you've  got or alternatively signpost you to one of our specialist services such as Student Wellbeing  or the wider student services team. Ultimately, the College Student Centre is that first point  of contact and what I would say to you is if you don't know who to speak to or where to go,  come to your College Student Center and they'll be able to point you in the right direction or  answer that query for you.

Alice: And what sorts of things can you offer that advice on?

Nat: First of all we'll start off with enrolment. So help you through your registration and get you enrolled on your course. We can answer those queries that you may have about your student loan, and also help you get your Unicard that gets you into the University. We can also help you with your academic program advice as well. So whether that's queries around the regulations or your overall degree classification. We can support you with student support letters. So that means if you need to open a bank account, or alternatively approve your council tax status as well. We can help you if you're struggling with assignments and support you with a request for additional consideration if you're not able to meet your deadlines. And also we can support you with your attendance and engagement as well.

Alice: How do you help our students to stay on track with  their studies?

Nat: So the way in which we support our students to stay on track with their studies is  through our student engagement monitoring. so what we do is we monitor student attendance to ensure  that they can get the best possible academic outcomes. We know that good attendance means that  you're less likely to withdraw or fail on your course and get that best degree outcome.

Alice: So where  students might be struggling with their studies, how can you help with that?

Nat: So there's lots of people that they can talk to at the University. First of all they've got the support from their  academic team: so you've got your module leader, and the module leader can talk to them about  the module content and also their deadlines. You've then got your programme leader who can  talk about the wider course content and any support that they need in relation to that.  They've got their Personal Academic Tutor who can help them with academic advancement  and give them some coaching to get the best possible degree outcomes and then finally as  you've mentioned with Sarah, we've got Student Services in our Wellbeing team who can help with  support plans and any mental health enquiries.

Alice: Thanks Nat, so lots of support available for  our students to make sure they can succeed.

[We cut to Alice back in the Kedleston Road Atium]

Alice: Coming to university is exciting, but it can  also feel overwhelming at times. To help, we offer a range of services to support you  both during your application and when you start studying with us. Whether you have questions  about your course, concerns about your wellbeing, or just need some advice or reassurance,  our friendly expert teams are here to help.

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