On-campus event health and safety

Health and Safety information

The safety of you and your students is paramount to us and to help achieve this during your visit we have introduced a number of on-campus procedures to follow. These range from one-way systems to sanitiser stations. The outreach staff member leading the event will discuss these with you, but for awareness, we have also listed these on this Covid-19 health and safety awareness webpage. 

  • If you or any of your students show symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend the site
  • All visitors, staff and students should get tested twice a week using lateral flow tests before visiting the University of Derby
  • It is now required to wear a face mask on-campus unless you are except
  • Where possible people should aim to social distance. Your event organiser will discuss with you in advance the schedule for the day and the steps we will take to help ensure students and staff remain safe whilst on-campus
  • If you or your students feel unwell whilst on-campus or show symptoms of Covid-19, please inform your outreach staff member immediately (their phone number can be found on the pre-event information) and we can assist you in leaving the site by the quickest and safest route
  • One-way systems are in place still in some areas of our campus, and these are highlighted via the markings on the floor
  • Signage will be in various places reminding people of these procedures
  • Risk assessments for this event and the site as a whole have been created and reviewed by the Outreach and Health and Safety team
  • Toilets can be used for handwashing along with the sanitiser stations that have been put up around the site.

These control measures have been put in place in line with Government guidelines. The health and safety team is reviewing these constantly and are helping to further create a site where staff and students can spend time safely.

If you have any questions about the measures above, please get in touch.