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Sam Skingle, BA (Hons) Sociology

The best things about studying Sociology at Derby

Without a doubt, the Sociology team are best thing about Sociology at Derby. The department has a fantastic team of lecturers and all of them have different specialties.

There is an enormous and invaluable source of knowledge that resides within the Sociology department and all the team are friendly, helpful, approachable and have an excellent sense of humour. It’s humbling. I aspire to be that good.

My study visit to Prague

My visit to Prague benefitted me in many ways, some of which were unexpected. The main benefit for me however, was learning under a new education system. It was a little daunting at the time, we were kind of thrown in at the deep end so to speak but once we managed to enrol and find our faculties and classrooms I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. It was different for sure, but it was fantastic.

I had the pleasure of being taught by some very talented lecturers, and I feel I have learned a huge amount from them.

Another benefit was definitely the other students on the trip. There were such a varied and wide range of students there and I got to know so many different nationalities and cultures. That was really special and I made many new friends. It was very sad saying goodbye.

Experiencing a different culture

We had a Czech buddy (a volunteer from Charles University) who showed us around and met up with us. I cannot recommend this enough. He was brilliant! We all made an effort to see him.

We took part in many other activities, again this was really good fun and I found them to be very valuable. I tried to do everything that was being offered by my lecturers and did not regret it.

I went on an extraordinary field trip to Ancient Bohemia which was simply stunning. Outside of the University, I travelled to Austria and visited Vienna. I visited many of the tourist attractions on offer in and around Prague, the Nuclear Bunker was of particular interest.
Recommendation to other students

I would recommend students take this opportunity for many reasons. You will learn more and discover things that you never thought you would. You will make friends and meet people you would never have the chance to normally, and you will share experiences and laughs with these people that will stay with you for a lifetime.

You’ll be immersed in a new culture and a new city which will be scary, exciting, and amazing all at the same time. The knowledge you gain from this exchange far exceeds the academic work you undertake while you are there.

There will be no other time in your life when an opportunity such as this will present itself. Why wouldn't you take it?

I cannot stress enough just how brilliant my trip to Prague was. It will be the stand out event from my time at university and something that I will keep with me for ever. I was extremely sad to leave and I am ever so grateful for the fantastic opportunity.

Sam Skingle “I had the pleasure of being taught by some very talented lecturers, and I feel I have learned a huge amount from them.”