Charlotte Wade

Buried (2019)

Buried (2019) focuses on the experience of being overwhelmed by the need to adapt when being made homeless. From my personal experience of being put out of place the work explores a sense of being displaced and in transit. Through being homeless this year I have found myself feeling a loss of ‘self’, which has influenced the investigation of ego and how homelessness can affect our mental wellbeing.

Through the act of performance, I have explored how being overwhelmed by unpredicted conditions can affect the ‘self’ as well as the physical body. Using myself as the subject, I sit facing the audience as I am gradually covered with my possessions, progressively concealing my body and face.

Finding a new place to call home comes with stresses that are unexpected and sometimes complicated to deal with. I have used this work as phototherapy to come to terms with my situation.

Multiple photos of a woman gradually being covered by her possessions
Charlotte Wade - Buried (2019)