Top 200 - 2022

About the list

This Top 200 listing ranks all active, private sector businesses in Derby and Derbyshire by turnover - a simple but powerful indicator of business growth and relative positioning. This list will feed into the East Midlands Top 500 companies league table, due to be published in July 2022.

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Top 200 and Derbyshire Festival of Business 2022 launch

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It's been compiled from publicly available information for the financial period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, including data from Companies House and the Fame database. It therefore doesn't show the full effects of the pandemic - this will become more apparent in the 2023 listing.

To qualify for the Top 200, companies must have:

Growth sectors

Some clear trends and growth sectors have emerged in the 2022 listing for Derbyshire, including decarbonisation and clean growth tech, digital, and services more broadly. Dr Nicola Lynch, Head of Derby Business School explains more in this video.

Top 500 businesses in the East Midlands

Following the launch of the Top 200 businesses in Derbyshire, the Top 500 businesses in the East Midlands has been launched. Check out the list below to discover the biggest firms across the East Midlands.

Where are the Top 200 businesses located?

35% Derby
20% Chesterfield
12% Other
8% Alfreton
8% Swadlincote
7% High Peak
5% Derbyshire Dales
5% Ilkeston
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Business priorities

Through the last few turbulent years, including Brexit and Covid-19, businesses have had to innovate more, often with what they’ve got: their people, processes, and business models.

Upskilling or reskilling their staff has been an important part of this because roles are constantly evolving - particularly now, as we find ourselves in a digital and clean growth revolution. Businesses increasingly need this training and learning to be flexible, so we're seeing the rise of online or flexible learning and micro-credentials: essentially, bite-sized chunks of education. 

Many of the businesses that have performed well in this year's Top 200 have prioritised skills development, including Toyota, who are working with us on the new East Midlands Institute of Technology, Vaillant, and Global Brands and Datapath - both of which have taken advantage of our funded skills development programmes for SMEs.

Thriving places

The Top 200 list highlights some clear business clusters in specific locations. Derby city is of course the biggest cluster but it's great to see businesses from areas like Alfreton, Chesterfield, High Peak and the Derbyshire Dales also feature regularly in the list.